RTF Vs Powder

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Kel - June 21

Ok, so is there any difference between the Ready to Feed Formula and the Powder (besides the obvious of not having to mix it :-) My Mom had my dd for the day and she bought a bottle of the RTF for her and she seemed to take it better than the powder so I was just wondering if there is any difference. Thanks!


Bonnie - June 21

There are some very small slight differences. For example, the hypoallergenic Ailementum RTF's have no corn products while the powder does. But overall they are pretty close. Most likely I would bet the difference you are noticing is the way it is mixed. RTF's are all ready settles. Powders when shaken get VERY foamy and I found with Mason that it caused a TON of gas. He did far better on RTF. Now he is back on powder, but I make it ahead of time so it settles in the fridge and warm it up instead of mixing on demand.


Kel - June 21

Thanks, Bonnie. Aubrey seems to be better on it. She is on the Similac Alimentum right now, funny cause when she was on the powder I would always make her bottles ahead of time anyway. The Alimentum doesn't seem to get to foamy when we mix on demand - thank goodness for when we are out and about. Whatever works for her, right? ;-)


krnj - June 21

I'm in the process of trying the powder and so far I don't think my ds likes it as much as the RTF. Like Bonnie said, it is very foamy. He is on Similac Advance w/iron. Good luck with it!


Ang - June 21

My ds always vomits up the RTF - I'm an avid powder/concentrate user but am still puzzled as to why it happens. I've stopped giving it to him as he doesn't seem to like it too much.


Bonnie - June 21

Kel, I have heard that the corn products in formulas are not like regular corn and that it is so broken down that it is highly unlikely to cause allergies, but in rare cases it can happen. I wonder if that is what is happeneing with your LO. The RTF Ailementum is the only formula without corn products.


jas - June 22

They taste different too... Well, according to my 11 year old.. :) We use the Enfamil powder, went camping and for convience, we had the rtf stuff... My lo LOVED the rtf stuff! I have never seen him down a bottle and want MORE before this. Anyway - I wondered out loud what the difference was and my silly son piped up that the rtf was sweeter and tasted better. Of course, the first thing out of my mouth was what are you doing drinking your brothers formula... But it answered my question.



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