Rubbing Her Eyes

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Jadyns Mommy - October 12

I always thought that when a baby rubs their eyes, it means that they are tired but I have noticed that Jadyn does it ALOT. And she does it so agressively as if something is bothering her. I have checked to see if there is anything getting into her eyes and cant see anything so I wonder if they are just itchy and dry but if so, what can I do about it? Are there eyedrops for babies? Has anyone else seen their babies constantly rubbing their eyes? I dont want to call her Dr over it if it is common.


Shelly - October 12

Ifyou are concerned call the doctor.I can only tell you Jesse does it only when he stretches.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 13

Amaya does it all the time! When she gets tired or fussy she will start clawing at her eyes. I am so afraid that someday she is just going to pull one of her little eyes out! I dont know of anything but when she starts rubbing them alot I will touch her eyelids and make her blink and she stops doing it for a while!


monica - October 13

my baby does that too. but he tries to rub his nose at the same time because he seems to have nasal congestion.


momma - October 13

my daughter does that too, she rubs them when she is tired and sometimes just cuz she also seems to do it when she is hungry


Jadyns Mommy - October 13

Oh good, check one more worry off my list!! Thanks everyone. :-)


Kai - November 7

My daughter Vivian is 3 month old and she rubs her eyes so frequently. I was about to call her PD tonight but decided to try internet first. I am glad that I found here. I guess Vivian is not alone. Vivian rub her eyes when she is fussy, hungry or comfortable for any reason. Sometimes she scracthes her hers with her CLAWS. I am so worried that I have to put her gloves on all the time. If anyone knows that's the problem or there is a cure, please kindly email me at [email protected] TIA, Kai


Heidi - November 7

Emma does this too when she gets fussy and ga__sy and is ornary. I have to keep her nails filed down or she scratches her face up. She's 4 wks old tomorrow.


Liana - November 7

When Arianna was 3-4 months I noticed she rubbed her eye a lot but what brought my attention to it and made me call the ped is that it was mainly the right eye that she rubed and even tried to scratch. It turned out she had a rash/infection, but her eye wasn't even red or anything, anyway the doc gave me some ointment ( opthalmo-Framykoin) and she stopped rubbing. I still use this ointment for rashes or redness on her face, it works great


TC - November 8

OMG!! I just told my husband that our poor son is going to scratch his eyes out. He is 10 wks and he scratches them so violently that I sometimes hold his hands. I am glad to see that other people have witnessed the same thing with their babies bc I would have eventually asked the doctor. He does not seem to be in any pain so I guess he is o.k.


desiree - November 8

My son who is 7 months has done this right from the start, too! I hope it is not allergies...I read that eye scratching could be a sign. I have 2 kitties and maybe a stray hair gets in there. I don't know. Mostly he does this when he is tired.


Rileys_Mommie - March 8

My 4month old is constantly rubbing her eyes & face , i was really worried so i looked it up ... it seems to be normal but i hope there's nothing wrong.She doesnt seem to be angry untill i try to look at it



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