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Lindsey - July 6

I know we have had a few posts recently about this, but i wanted to share what happened to me today. This could be me being over sensitive but well i was gobsmacked at just what happened. It is very hot outside at the moment so i just dressed my 3 week old son in a vest, trousers and short sleeve top. I also had his blanket in the bottom of the pushchair, he had no socks on. Well i was at the supermarket which is just a 5 minute walk from my house when 2 old ladies came and started looking in at my son. They were very polite and was asking questions about how old he is and everything, well then they walked away. 5 minutes later, they came back to me ang gave me £5, called me an unfit mother rather loudly and made loud comments about how my son should be properly dressed. The only thing i think that it could of been was that he wasn't wearing socks. When we were out in the sun, his parasol was protecting him. Now I was so gobsmacked i couldn't even think of a reply and just left my shopping and walked off. Thanks for letting my vent. ARGH I hate rude people, they don't know me and i love my son more than anything. Anyway, I'd better go back soon and do my shopping.


Rabbits07 - July 6

Well...that was weird wasn't it? I have already determined that in this world people are just plain rude. They say people are inherently good, but that just isn't takes effort for people to be nice....being snotty and rude seems to just come natural. That's a shame though. What really gets you is when they are nice at first and then take a turn for the worse like those ladies did...strange!


erenimi - July 6

People are big on socks. I'm not, personally. Aislyn doesn't like them, i don't like putting them on her, and i almost never do. I hear about it all the time though. My mom and my grandmother and strangers. People always tell me she is cold too, even when she is sitting there sweating. If its 80 degrees out i am just not going to put a sweater on her, i'm sorry. Makes me so mad though. I popped her out, i'll dress her the way i feel is right.


hello - July 6

sorry you had that experience, i didnt put socks on my daughter either in hot weather..... Even being out..... dont put any emphasis on it okay..... silly old ladies.........


Narcissus - July 6

Am I reading this correctly? They literally handed you money & told you that you are an unfit mother using those exact words?? If that is true, my jaw is hitting the floor. That is the most horrible thing I have heard! I think I would have tore up the money in front of their faces, grabbed their purses and side smacked them in the head with it.


kristie h - July 6

Hi, Well if they thougt of that about socks well imagine what would of happend if they seen my son. I had him in the middle of summer (january) and all he had on mainly was a singlet, shirt and nappy. I wouldnt worry about what people say when your hormones go back to normal you wont bite you tounge. Congrats by the way


Lindsey - July 6

Narc, one of the old women said "You are an unfit mother, look at the way your son is dressed. They then both carried on with their conversation loudly saying that they hate when young mothers (I'm 27) don't know how to look after their babies. Now I'm very dissapointed in myself as normally I am a very upfront person and would of said something back but i was so shocked at their att_tude, especially as they were really polite in the first place.


kristie h - July 6

Hi Lindsey, If it makes you feel better i would say there are alot of ladies on here that have been called a unfit mother, and if they havent the people that have said things to them may have ment that but just didnt come straight out with it. There will always be sumthing that you do with you child that other people wont approve of. If it helps the thing i wast tought is if you have say a t-shirt on and shorts put the same on your child but put one item extra on him which for me was a singlet under his t-shirt to keep his chest warm.


Narcissus - July 6

I would have been shocked as well. I cannot imagine somebody having such b___s to say that. I bet you wish you could relive the moment so you could kick some a__s.


Jenn2 - July 6

Lindsey- I can't belive those ladies did that?? That is strange for them to call you an unfit mother b/c your son did not have socks on?? My lord....its summertime!! They say tht rule of thumb for dressing a baby is to dress them the way we ( as adults ) would be comforitable in what given weather we have. I would have been rather p__sed if those ladies spoke to me that way. My husband and I took our daughter on stroll the other day ( it was 80 degrees outside), and I hardly put any clothes on her b/c I was scared she would get too hot!! I just put one of those short sleeved body suits....and that was it. you know whats best for your baby.....dont worry about what those women said.


cae - July 6

omg...there is no way I could of held back on that one. Damn old ladies! I will dress my LO how I want them to dress, not by what you think it best! . Is one of the many things I would have said. They were beyond rude.


lindsay - July 6

omg! is it a generation thing or are people just that stupid!!?? it seems "older" people, namely 'ol blue-haired women have so much to say about this sort of thing... i guess they were taught to always bundle a baby or something... think of all the differences there are in what is suggested for child rearing now and then... they also probably have something to say about how you feed george, or put him to sleep, or hold him, etc, etc, ... you should have slapped them!!


Rabbits07 - July 6

My dh's grandmother used to always say that if you kept a baby's feet warm (hence, kept socks on) then the baby would never have a tummy ache. Old wive's tale, of course, but I think old people get really set in their ways.....that's still not an excuse to be rude and humiliate someone though.


lindsay - July 6

funny you say that rabbit, because my hubby's grandmother was just here for a visit, and i had socks on lexi, (we have central air, so i put them on her if her feet seem chilly) and she said," they say babies who wear socks are happier babies!" i just laughed it off then, but i think she really believes that!


HannahBaby - July 6

wow. When my daughter was younger last summer (about 6 months old) She didnt own one pair of socks. i would take her out in little sundresses and no shoes or socks all the time. I hate socks they are so uncomfortable. I always dress my daughter in what I think would be comfortable for me. (she has baby gauchos and tons of tanks) I personally think some people overdress their babies in the summer. I saw a ladie the other day with a knitted sweater in her daughter and it was like 90 out that day


Chelsey - July 6

OMG!!!! Are you serious, Lindsey?!!!!! I would have flipped out!!! I'm sure charges would have been laid. I cannot believe how freakin' rude some people are!! Doesn't anyone know how to mind their own business anymore?!!! Reading your post has just made my blood boil. I swear I would've shoved that money down that lady's throat and pulled it right out of her a__s.


TinaMarie - July 6

I am so sorry they were so rude to you, that was uncalled for. People are just rude sometimes!!



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