Rum On Pinky Makes Baby Sleep

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L - February 21

My mother in law said a way to stop a baby from crying so much and get them to sleep is put a bit of rum on your pinky and let them suck on it...She said it does not hurt as a "once in a blue moon" once a month(I think that is what she ment?!!) Anyone tried this and what harm could it cause in such small volumes?


Mommy - February 21

I would say that giving even a tiny bit of rum or any other alcohol to a baby is not a good thing. Now they make gas drops, night time teething orajel, gripe water, baby tylonal, ect. to help fussiness. My brother once tried to get me to put whiskey on my sons'gums for teething but no way. Not to mention I think most doctors would frown upon using something like that to quiet a fussy child. I think you may even get in trouble for that...not positive, but I think.


nic nac - February 21

i heard the same thing. my husbands friend put gin on his finger instead. i am sure it works but i don't think it's safe. remember, alcohol kills brain cells. I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that i am killing my baby's brain cells just to make her go to sleep. Trust me i have thought about it but haven't resorted to it. that's just my take on it.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - February 21

It is ilegal to give your child alcohol under the age of 5. I would never ever do that. I would rather nurse him all night than give him alcohol


Steph - February 21

Above the age of 5 it's legal?


Jbear - February 21

In Texas it's legal at any age, as long as the parent gives it to the child. I would never do it though...what if your child grew up to be an alcoholic, and you always had to wonder if they had developed the taste for alcohol from what you gave them? To be very honest, once while I was at work, my oldest daughter climbed the pantry, got down a bottle of rum extract, and drank it (dh, and you know what that stands for this time, wasn't watching her well enough). Now she has a definite preference for rum-flavored foods.


Illegal? - February 21

Was that before or after they stopped making so many cough medicines for tots with alcohol? Apparently it doesn't cause that much harm in small volumes or no children's medication would contain it.


Britt - February 21

My remember my hysband telling me that when he was a baby and would stay with his grandma, she would put rum or gin, IN HIS BOTTLE!! Not sure how much though. I thought she was crazy but I guess its not that uncommon. It obviously works but I wouldn't do it because you never know what negative side affect it could give your baby.


Jen - February 21

I think this is the old school remedy for teething before orajel came around for babies. I am sure if a lot of you asked your parents or grandparents they have heard of it. I am not condoning by any means, but I hardly think that a pinky in some rum on your babies gums on rare occasions is going to make them an alcoholic.


Eryn @ MN - February 22

It is something that was common awhile ago but then again so was holding your baby on your lap while in a car. I would never do it with my baby but your the parent and get to decide.


Lesley - February 22

IF your child is over 5 then yes they can have alcohol. It is frowned upon, and not many people do it, but it is legal. To illegal? In the UK NO babies medicine is made out of alcohol. If any do have traces of it in then it's added with other things, it's not like we are pouring it down their necks. Anyone who would give their child alcohol, knowing exactly what it can do to the brain and liver, should step back and take a look at their mothering.


HELLO - February 22

I think your mother in law is crazy. Why not throw in some medication to go with the rum. I am sorry but there are other methods to soothe a baby to sleep besides alcohol and drugs. Why don't you make sure they are fully burped, perhaps you can gently rock or pat them, maybe a pacifier may help, they may want something to suck, if the crying is constant it may be colic, if its very bad then see a doctor and stop listening to bad advice such as that.


S - February 22

they use to do this all the time a long time ago. My grandmom swears by it. That's what she tells me to do with my dd....I haven't had to do it yet, but if I did have to, I wouldn't hesitate. She said they use to put it in the BOTTLE to help them sleep. My uncle is a doctor and my father is a Police Officer and they are both very healthy men. Not alcholics....


Heidi - February 22

Well we learn from the past and I would say there's more than enough "safe" products out there besides resorting to the old booze on the tumb trick. Try gas drops, gripe water, etc. Please don't resort to the old ways. Back then these products were not available and if you were living like June Cleaver you'd probably do it too just to get some peace and quiet! Totally not like today's moms. Ha ha!


Put in a bottle to help sleep? - February 22

Doesn't that go in the same catagory as giving babies Nyquil or whatever to make them sleep? Alcohal is nasty tasting not to mention putting it in the bottle most likely makes them pa__s out. Most 2 year olds are 25lbs and that's a mere fraction of what an adult weighs and even 2 ounces or 3 ounces can't be good for them. That's like using cocaine to numb babies gums. Sure it probably works but even a tiny trace of it can't be healthy. Back in the day people also had infants on their laps in cars, kids were allowed in the bars with their parents, and nurseries were decorated with faulty cribs and lead paint. Now there are soooooooooooooo many other options, whiskey for teething and rum to make babies sleep should be obsolete.


S - February 22

I'm sure it's only a few drops.....not a few mom did it for me when I was guys are taking a little rum on the pinky and b__wing it up to a few ounces in a bottle.....PLEASE......



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