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erenimi - July 8

I'm sure some of you have seen this site, but i saw it and it made me cry. I thought you all might appriciate it also.


HannahBaby - July 8

yea i was linked to her site from someone elses.....but i didnt feel it was necessary to post the link for everyone on the web site to go look at......what is there to appreciate about it? That our kids are alive and theirs arent? Unfortunately it does take a smack in the face like that to get some people to appreciate what they have.


nic nac - July 8

She was a member of another forum and I was aware of her situation as well. Sad yes but I agree with HannahBaby, no need to post the link for everyone to see. Did we do something foul that we need a dose of reality?


TC - July 8

Well I have to say that I appreciate Little Aydan's life. I appreciate the fact that he had almost 3 amazing months in his life. He and his mom Lory has touched a lot of us on the other forum that nic nac mentioned as well as a few other forums that are out there. I don't see any problem with the link being posted (well besides the fact that its not erenimi's child...but that's another issue :D) because mom's here have been posting there children's sites left and right. Why can't Lory's be posted?


JAI - July 8

Lory shared her site on this forum last week. Aydan was a gorgeous little guy. Lory and her husband seemed to be such wonderful loving parents. For Lory to have found the strength to have come on here and shared her beautiful site with everyone is one of the most corageous acts. Lory you seem like an incredible mother.


hrsmith - July 8

Jai I agree with you. Maybe it helps her knowing that she posted it for everyone to see. I hope it helps with her healing. If she wants the world to see what a beautiful little life she had had for such a precious amount of time, then I would say, "you go girl!" HannahBaby, I am not quite sure what you mean when you said, "what is there to appreciate about it?" Is it that you don't want to have to see anything like that because it is so sad? Maybe you should try to think of it ths way. Aydan's mommy is trying to hold on to the very happy moments and trying to appreciate the short amount(however painful) of time that she had with her son. Rather than keep her sadness bottled up inside for no-one else to embrace or even learn about, she chose the other route. She chose to talk about it and more importantly to inform others. I for one, had not heard of the disease. I hope that makes sense to you. Death is in fact a part of life and I for one, choose not to forget nor disregard any of my loved ones who have pa__sed on.


HannahBaby - July 9

No, no dont take me wrong i think that site is a beautiful way to remember little Aydan. I just felt a little uncomfortable that someone who just happened to stumble across the site had the nerve to post this thread. I would be all for it if lory posted it herself but i feel lilke erenimi just posted it to kinda make herself feel better......I know that i would feel violated if someone starting posting my web address all over the net because they felt bad for me. I think that site is beautiful, and so is Aydan.


ash2 - July 9

i did appreciate the fact that she published this for us to see. it is very sad and it helps me want to pray for her family and other families that have diseases. it effects others differently.


hrsmith - July 9

ok, i see what you mean. sorry I didn't realize that's what you meant. I probably didn't read your post clearly:)


JAI - July 9

I undserstand what you mean also Hannahbaby. It is something Lory should do. In Erenimi's defense I do not think she meant any harm by it though, I think she was just trying to show her caring side.


jas - July 9

ok...maybe i missed something... But if Lori posted it on the web, to me she wants others to see it. See it as a dedication to her son. The web is open for everyone. Why would you be violated, Hannah? If you don't want others to see it, don't put it up. It touched erenimi, she wanted to share it. That's it - there is no "group hug" here.


TC - July 9

Jas, wouldn't you feel some kind of way if someone stumbled across a site of your child and posted it? I don't think that I would feel violated like HannahBaby...but I'm sure that I would feel something. You are right though, this is the web and things are pretty much public. However, I think that there should be some form of etiquette. Well....for all I know...erenimi couldv'e asked Lory if she could share this....


HannahBaby - July 9

i have the right to express how i feel. and i would feel violated. If Lory chose to post it to friends, thats her decision. But for someone to stumble across it and feel the need to publicize it would offend me


cae - July 9

Yes, Lory did post her web address and encourage others to see it. I do agree that erenimi maybe should have asked Lory if it was ok to post it. But what hannahbaby said, "but i feel lilke erenimi just posted it to kinda make herself feel better", was very, very rude. Why would someone ever post anything like that to make them feel better. I can not believe that you actually said that hannanbaby, very selfish of you.


Chelsey - July 9

As someone who is good friends with Lory (as many are), I feel that she would probably be honoured to have people know about her site, and help keep the memory of her son alive. Aydan has touched many of our lives, and I bet that Lory would be overwhelmed to know that people still think of her precious baby every day. And I know that Lory wants people to be educated about her son's illness. I'm not sure how she would feel having someone else post the link for her site, but I really don't think Lory is the type of person to reprimand other's for doing so. Erinimi... I know your intentions were nothing but good.


Narcissus - July 9

If I lost my child, I would also feel touched if people chose to share my photos and educate the public about my child's life & death. I am sure I would never want people to forget and knowing that the link is being posted, I would feel that people are remembering my sweet child. Lory, (((HUGS))). I have been thinking of you and Aydan all day.


nic nac - July 9

I don't want to be taken the wrong way. I just think that it makes some people a little uncomfortable when it isn't Lory herself sharing. I also didn't know that Lory had posted it herself a week ago. I think for Lory to share her own story is quite courageous but I was a little shocked when erenimi shared it.



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