Sad Story About A Child Who Died

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Lisastar9 - February 21

Girl, 2, dies after getting stuck in car window...In what police are calling a "tragic accident," a two-year-old Calgary girl died Tuesday after getting her head caught in the power window of an SUV. The girl and her six-year-old brother had been left in the Chevrolet Blazer with the engine running as their mother stopped at an office building to run an errand around 9 a.m., Calgary police said. When the two-year-old, who was in the back seat, started crying, her brother unbuckled her from her car seat. He then fell asleep in the front seat, police said. The young girl then began playing with the power windows and closed the window on her neck. Witnesses heard the girl yelling for her mother. When one witness got closer to the vehicle, he realized the girl was trapped in the window, police said. He freed the girl, placed her back in her car seat and ran to call 911. Police said he had asked someone to check on the girl while he was making the call, but it is unclear whether that happened. While he was on the phone, the mother returned to the car, not realizing her daughter had been hurt. She thought both children were just sleeping, buckled her daughter into her seat, and drove away.It wasn't until she dropped off her son at school that she realized her daughter was unresponsive and called 911. The girl was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. "It appears that the child's death was caused inadvertently in a very sad and tragic accident," Calgary police said in a statement. Charges will not be laid. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death but police say it appears to have been cardiac arrest. "I think this is one more thing that no one imagined could be possible, a young child dying at their own hand playing with the power window buttons," said Duty Insp. Luch Berti. "If the car doesn't have the keys in the ignition, if the car's not running, it's virtually impossible. Let's just all learn something from this."


EMBERBABY - February 21

Tragic, that poor little girl.


Emily - February 21

oh so sad. I am not sure why I read things like this. I know you warned me, but I still clicked, I am not sure what I expected. I will be thinking of the family. That is why I never leave my children in the car by themselves.....


Kara H. - February 21

Even before I had Max, I had a scare with my cat Oscar (who I consider my "oldest" child) envolving power windows. He loves going for rides in the car, so if I was just heading out to pick up a pizza at the drive thru window, or drop my hubby off at the mechanic to pick up his car, I would let Oscar ride along. He would check out the back seat and look out all the windows then come back up and lay in my lap and look out the closed sun roof. On day while he was inspecting the back seat, he stepped on the window b___ton and sent the window down at the same time I took a fast corner. His whole upper body went out the window and his back legs were on the window and holding him from flying out. It scared me to death. Ever since then I keep the window lock b___ton on at all times. I have heard of children getting injured when the child unbuckled themselves while the parent was driving down the road. So I know I will be a stickler on that window lock as Max gets older.


Brittany - February 21

Very very sad, thats exactly why I never leave my child unattended ANYWHERE. Not even if it's to run to a neighbors house or to run into a gas station to buy a gallon of milk...never ever ever!!


Mellissa - February 21

The same thing happened to a little girl here in Colorado last year. She was in a coma for a week before she died. To this day I still get so upset thinking about it. I am with you Brittany- I NEVER leave my children unattended. I do everything I can to avoid something like this happening. I also keep the windows locked everytime I am riding with my kids. I can't imagine th pain that mother is going through right now. I am so paranoid of accidents happening, and my hubby thinks I'm insane.. but this is proof that ANYTHING can happen, especially when you least expect it!


HannahBaby - February 21

The mother should be charged......Theres NO reason that a child should EVER be left in the car espically long enought for the boy to fall asleep!! I am apalled that the mother isnt being charged.


rl- - February 21

oh wow that is so sad...just goes to show you can not leave your babies in cars alone even with a child as old as 6 yrs old kinda seems strange the 6yr old did not wake up and help her get unstuck or something or tell his mom what happened?! I don't even leave my ds in the carseat when I run in to get my older son from his after school daycare even though I can see him in the car the whole time I just don't do it I think that maybe a car could lose control and slam into my parked car as his daycare is right near a busy street. some may think that would never happen but I would rather be safe than sorry after a child dies you can't go back and re-do something that could have saved them!!



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