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ash2 - January 19

Has anyone considered getting a fire-proof safe for your home to store keepsakes ? We had a fire when i was a teenager and lost EVERYTHING. My baby books, baby pics, everything. I am so scared that it might happen to us ! I want to get one, but i want to make sure before i spend that money ( 400.00 dollars ) that it will be worth it. Also where do you put it ??


piratesmermaid - January 19

I've kinda been wondering the same thing actually. My hubby wants to get a gun safe for the bas____nt, and he's mentioned, in the past, that he wants to get a safe for important doc_ments, I guess that'd go in the bas____nt too. But what if you want to share those pics or memories, wouldn't it be a pain to go down to the basment everytime and dig it out?


LisaB - January 19

We have one that I keep all my picture cds, birth cert, pa__sports, ultrasound pictures and vaulables in we store it in out closet in the office. It doesn't have any of the stuff it should like insurance papers but it has the things I wouldn't be able to replace tha mean the most to me.


lexa - January 19

I actually bought a firesafe lock box (a smaller fireproof safe) and it fits right under our bed. I would like to invest in a bigger one to put in my bas____nt to store some photos in....but maybe at a later date. We keep important doc_ments in it that we may need in case of a fire (birth cert/ social security doc_ments etc.). It is worth the money and you can put it anywhere you want to store it.


sahmof3 - January 19

I will have to ask my mom what type of fireproof lock box the church she works for had. A few months ago an arsonist burned the church parsonage (where my mom's office was) and it was a total loss. They had some back-up disks and stuff like that in a fire-proof box, though, and it withstood the fire and water damage. I'll ask her if she remembers, or if not, to check for you.


mandee25 - January 20

I want to get a small safe for $20 Canadian at Walmart and put a cd with my son's baby pics on it along with important papers. We might get a bigger one for his baby books and stuff. He has a lot of keepsake things I wouldn't want to lose.



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