Safe To Sleep On Side

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ssmith - May 17

I have those little supports to keep the baby from rolling over onto her it safe to let her (3 weeks) sleep on her side? I am not totally comfortable letting her sleep flat on her back as she occasionally spits up etc., and I 'm afraid she'll choke. All the talk about SIDS says ONLY on the back...but is side okay too?


Marlene - May 17

I've put my ds on his side to sleep since he came home from the hospital. I was never comfortable with the back thing all the time plus that is why some children have to get helmets. Anyway I rotate the sides each time he goes to sleep I put him on a different side. He is now 11wks and everything is fine.


rl - May 17

I am sure it is fine I have let my little guy sleep on his tummy since he was about 3wks old and just would not sleep well on his back he would wake up only after sleeping for a few minutes it was like he be startled awake so I just started putting him on his tummy and he slept great...this is my 3rd son and they all slept better on their tummies in fact when I had my first that is what you were told to do and everyone stressed NOT TO PUT THEM TO SLEEP ON THEIR BACKS DUE TO CHOKING IF THEY SPIT UP sooooo you have to choose what is best for you and your baby I feel like if your baby is gonna have a problem with SIDS then it really is not gonna matter how they sleep but that is just my opinion.


Rabbits07 - May 17

I have read some info on SIDS that says back only and then others that say back OR side. I think the only concern about side sleeping is the possibility of them rolling on over onto their tummy as everything I read that said side sleeping was okay said to ensure the bottom arm is extended out in front to prevent rolling. So the way I took it was that side sleeping is not bad..the risk of rolling is. So I just used the positioner, too. My little guy likes side sleeping, but doesn't mind the back either and he's not much of a spitter-upper (???) He's big enough now that even with a positioner he was still managing to end up on his back, so I don't use it anymore.


jas - May 18

My son who is now 11, slept on his side - he is fine. I think the side is fine and try to keep my 8 week old in that position. He likes his tummy though. I will let him sleep on his tummy for naps since I am up and can check on him, but it's either the back or side when I sleep... I think the side is better because my little one spits up a lot and I worry about him drowing on his spit up if he was on his back. I know, I worry too much as they can always turn their head, but you know...


ssmith - May 18

Thanks...I feel much better now! I don't know how it is in the United States...but in Canada...they REALLY push the "back to sleep" thing. It almost makes you feel like your baby MUST sleep on their backs, or they will die of SIDS. It's like a scare tactic!


J.J. - May 18

my son hated sleeping on his back as a newborn. we propped him up on his side using a rolled receiving blanket. by 5 months he was happy sleeping on his back. my coworker's two sons were the same way!



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