Saggy Deflated Breasts After Bf

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mommie - January 26

anyone with post br___tfeeding br___ts like me?? Saggy deflated and ugly??does it ever get better. since they've sagged to basement level now,


Kristina - January 26

LOL, well I am still b___stfeeding...but my mom b___stfed me and my 2 bros and she has really nice b___bs. She tells me it's genetic haha we'll see =)


mommie - January 26

I could just kick yer a__s!!


TC - January 26

Yeah, mommie get her!! J/K It must really be genetic for her bc that is not the norm. My mom has 8 children and her b___st are sweeping the floor!!


Kristina - January 26

LOL Well I don't know if I will have nice b___bs yet!! =) Don't kick my a__s now! Wait 4 months and I will tell you then! haha. I am just saying my mom has nice b___bs for her age...she looks like she has a b___bjob but she doesn't...and she always tells me it is in the genes. I guess we'll just have to find out.


Kristina - January 26

PS-She also said they WERE saggy at first but after a few months they got better.


mommie - January 26

ah kristina... That's what i wanna hear! LMAO! TC, We'll give her a couple more months then we'll kick her a__s together!


Kristina - January 26

lol noooooo!!! *runs away*


Jbear - January 26

I didn't b___stfeed enough to end up saggy, but my b___sts have always been really large. I lost a lot of weight rather quickly and they got really saggy, but after a few months the skin tightened up a bit (mine have never really been perky...I always wished for those nipples that point at the ceiling but I will never have them).


mommie - January 26

Jbear, what if i got stretch marks on them?? Do you think it'll tighten up some what even if i don't put on weight?


Jbear - January 26

I am an expert on stretch marks, unfortunately...the skin shrinks up and the stretch marks will turn white or silvery and get closer together. That happened to my husband's stomach :-)


LilMum - January 26

Mommie, you are not alone. Mine sagged after I quit b___stfeeding the first time. They were like empty sacks. Luckily I am b___stfeeding right now, but I am afraid of what they'll look like after I am done bf'ing this one. Before I had kids I though b___b-jobs where so wrong.. Now, I am convinced I need one.


r.a. - January 26

lol JBear I hear you on the ceiling comment! anyway lilmum i wouldn't recommend the b___b job. not because it's wrong, but because my friend got one and got really really sick. this is rare, but her body actually rejected them!!! it wasn't pretty. thank god she's fine now, but as a result of surgeries and everything she ended up with SMALLER b___bs. depressing. not trying to scare ya...but don't worry just buy some good push-up bras and emphasize your beautiful legs instead!!!


Barb - January 26

LOL....funny how we all jump into this thread..haha...well my b___bs are as far south as they can get..LOL...this is my 3rd child that I've b___st fed...they never got better..UGGH... they remind me of those old lady greeting cards where the granny has her b___bs touching her toes!! haha....the only thing missing is the wrinkles...ahhh....thank goodness for push-up bra's! although...that only makes them look like a pancake on a shelf! LOL.... glad I'm already married...hahahaha......................


Heidi - January 26

My sisters all have them and they call them tube sock t_ts. Ha ha!


mommie - January 27

LilMum, I'm convinced i need a b___b job too.. but i am just too scared of surgery. Guess i'll have to bear with it or get pregnant and never quit b___stfeeding1 lol!


jg - January 27

JG - "proud wearer of the padded push-up bra".....



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