SAHM Vs Working Mom Poll

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waiting100 - February 15

I dont want to start a feud--at all--not my intentions. So please just answer either SAHM or Working Mom and list what you like/dislike about it--that is it. Just curious -- I am STRUGGLING making up my mind if I want to go back to work or continue staying at home with my 10 month old.


Shana B - February 15

Working--I love the adult interaction and at the end of the day I look so forward to going home and seeing my lo's. I dislike the fear of wondering if I am missing a new milestone.


Emily - February 15

I am a working mom. I like that I get out of the house and a break from the kids. The main reason I work is for finanical reasons. I wish I could stay at home. It breaks my heart when my two year old says to me, no mommy, I want you to stay here. Plus it makes it hard to get anything done aroudn the house. If I were to stay home, I know I wouldn't get the house clean while the kids were awake, but I would be able to do some while they were asleep and wouldn't feel so bad about leaving them for a couple of hours to work out, grocery shop, or clean. (Sometimes I drop them off at my mom's for a hou on Sat while I go clean the house. I feel so bad about leaving them since I only have the weekends….) The one good thing about my job is that I work close to home so I am not spending a lot of time traveling and I leave the girls with my mom so I don’t feel bad about leaving them with someone I do not know. If I could afford it, honestly I would think I would have to work at least part time or least have my mom watche them part time still so I could get away. I love my kids but I also like my sanity. I really admire those who can stay home all the time.


Kara H. - February 15

I really feel that I have the best of both worlds. I work 18-20 hours a week. My son is with his GP's or hubby while I am gone. It allows me to have adult interaction, get a little extra money in my pocket, and allow Max to develop meaningful relationships with people other than me. (but I still get the biggest smiles he gives out when I pick him up when I get home) :)


kellens mom - February 15

Working mom. Dd actually loves the stimulation from all the kids and I honestly think she would get bored with me. My job is it comes with money! On the downside, the work at home does not stop just because I have a job. I still have all the house cleaning, dirty laundry, up keep (painting, yard, etc), shopping, paying bills, running errands.... I also don't feel like I get enough time with my dd (selfish...I know). She is in great hands, so I know she is well cared for and loved (or provider spoils her!)


Erynn21 - February 15

I am just recently totally sahm-likes being w/ my dd and having a great relationship w/ her, dislikes-I miss the money I made, but right now it comes out to a wash. So really it doesn't matter if I work, plus my hubby is getting a raise soon so that will be nice. I actually don't really miss my job, and I really loved working as a hairstylist, guess my priorities have changed. Good luck w/ your decision. : )


sahmof3 - February 15

I guess sahm... I am home all day until dh gets home... but then I go to work in the evenings.


waiting100 - February 15

Emily - that you for mentioning the word sanity. I am a SAHM and my dh is self employed so he is in and out of the house 7 days a week--no looking forward to weekend with dh on the weekends! I feel like lately I am losing my mind, like I am honestly going crazy. I have always worked a full time job so being at home with ds all day everyday is wearing on me badly!!!! I dont have to bring any extra money in (thankfully)--so anyone have any ideas on what I should do to be able to keep my sanity--I have no family where I live - they all live 2 plus hours away and have busy lives. I was thinking of putting ds into daycare for 1 day a week so I can do errands, shop, laundry or just relax my brain for a mintute, but cant help to feel so guilty about that because I am able to be at home with him--I am also thinking of going thru a 5 month training course to become an est_tician that would require me to be in school 5 days sometimes 6 days all day - so ds would go to daycare and then after i receive my license I would work part time. Anyone have any thoughts, feedback?


Dawn - February 15

I am a SAHM. My dh and I run our own company from home so both my dh and I are at home all day with my dd. I have been thinking about maybe doing some part time work to get me out of the house but I am a nearly quailified accountant and there are no part time accounting jobs around. I love staying at home with my dd but being with my dd and dh 24/7 is a little tough at times.


waiting100 - February 15

Emily - oops typo - I meant thank you not that you!! lol. Also wanted to mention ds is crawling, trying to walk, stands up all day long, biting, pulling hair and is in to everything. Oh, and he takes only 1 nap a day for an hour if I am lucky. Just feeling like I need a break - I know I would miss my ds immensely but I also need to keep my sanity. I hope I am not the only SAHM that feels this way!!!


piratesmermaid - February 15

SAHM, but I'm going to start looking for a part time job (evenings) in about a month. THen I'll be going back to school in the fall. I love being there to watch Gretchen grow, and not have to learn of her first milestones from someone else. I do hate doing the housework along with it though. ;)


LisaB - February 15

Working- I was a sahm for the first 11 months and LOVED it then we opened our boutique. I hate missing out on so much but man I never realized how much work being a sahm was. I still do most of the cleaning, housework and pay all the bills plus run the business so I am worn out alot but my frre time with my ds he get 110% of me where as when I was home all the time I was with him constantly but not always there. Does that make sense?? Anyway I have hired a new girl to help out at the store so I can spend more time wit my ds. Its nice cuz my ds loves his sitter and gets interaction with other kids his age which he wouldn't get being home as I am not a play group kind of girl. Anyhoo I think both are equally hard for so many reasons. Imo seeing as though you asked I would stay home as much as possible for the first couple months (for me I didn't feel comfortable until around 10 months) but then I do believe the interaction with other kids is really great. My ds learns so much. Or go part time I really think thats the best of both worlds like Kara H said.


LollyM - February 15

I am a a 100% sahm. Dh works allot, and all my family works, so I couldn't get a part time job if I wanted too unless it was at night. childcare is so expensive, I would only be making enough money to pay for it if I worked pt during the day. I am actually considering finding another child dd's age to watch during the day for some extra money. Of course, then I will still be a sahm lol. I do get lonely during the day though, so I try to stay busy most of the week with family and friends who drop buy for lunch or whatever. If I had a family member who could watch dd for a few hours a week, I would probably get a part time job, or take some cla__ses for the adult interaction. It's tough staying at home, but I still think I am so lucky and spoiled because I get to be with dd all day =) It is hard seeing dd be more attached to me than dh though =/ I know it hurts him, but she is just around me a whole lot more. I know she still adores him though =)


ssmith - February 15

I am a SAHM and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I love that I have been able to see all her "firsts" so far (she's 9.5 months). When my mat leave is over at the end of April, I will be getting a part time evening job so that I can stay home with her a little longer. In the fall, I will go back to teaching, but only part-time. Personally, and I repeat personally.....I think working part time is the ideal beause then you get the best of both worlds. But, I would prefer to SAHM 24-7 if I could.....hopefully the $$ will improve!


rl- - February 15

working----I enjoy working getting out of the house and helping dh so it is not all up to him so less stress and more $$ for our family drawbacks--I miss my kids and my house is not as clean as I would like it to be LOL!!


EricaG - February 15

I'm a full-time SAHM and love it. I like the fact that I get to focus 100% on my baby, my husband, my house, and me. I like the fact that I have never missed a milestone, that I don't have to worry about how other people are treating my child, that I get tto b___stfeed her, and just the fact that I don't ever have to leave her smiling little face. The only thing that I dislike about being a SAHM is the lack of adult communications, which could be remedied if I didn't live so far away from friends and family, I also dislike it when people ask me "So when are you getting a real job?" or stuff like that. I put just as much effort and attention and work into being a sahm then any person puts into their career outside of the home. Anyway, I love being a SAHM, it's the only job that copuld ever fulfill me and if I were in your shoes I would jump at the chance to be home with your child.


ashtynsmom - February 15

I am a working mom. I like the interaction, the money and just being out of the house. I am not SAHM material. I love my daughter more than anything and I would love to spend every minute of the day with her, but NOT AT HOME. If we could be out running errands, or playing at the park all day- that would be great, but I am just NOT a home-body! Even on the weekend, I am constantly taking dd to the mall, to the museum, somewhere... just to get out. I wish I had a maid, though... I just feel like working 40 hrs a week, then coming home and making dinner, doing dishes, laundry, bathing dd and getting her ready for the next day is another full time job in itself. I would love to be able to come home at night and just spend those few precious hours with Ashtyn, and not worry about the "necessities" of every night duties.



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