Sahmof3 You Are The Inspiration Games Dh Play With Lo

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austinsmom - January 26

I loved the comment sahmof3 made about the game her husband plays with their lo's and thought it would be funny to start a thread for the laziest game or funniest game our dh's or us play with our lo's.


rl- - January 26

my dh loves to play "the claw" if you have ever seen the movie Liar Liar they did that...."the claw is gonna get you...." LOL ds loves that so much and he just laughs and laughs


austinsmom - January 26

I will husband likes to play poker on the playstation and my son loves to watch him the beginning of the game a chip falls out of the sky and tworls around on the tv and austin laughs and claps his hands and will stand in rapt attention when daddy turns on the game for 30 min or so and finally gets husband actually claims he is entertaining austin by playing the playstation....have you ever heard that one? lol


sahmof3 - January 26

My dh will also gross the older two kids out because he has incredibly stretchy skin... he can pull the skin on his cheeks out really far. It's creepy!!


vonzo - January 26

My dh always baths our dd if he's home and he plays "Harold the ducky game" (don't ask why we named her rubber duck Harold) He'll flip her onto her front and put Harold just out of her reach and says QUACK! She'll open her mouth wide and try and get him in her mouth until dh wooshes her away. All you can hear is her giggling when its bath time.


aurorabunny - January 26

My husband plays "blanket monster" with Brody where he covers himself with a blanket and walks around on his hands and knees on the floor and growls. Brody thinks it is HILARIOUS...the best part is that this game was originally created by playing it with one of our dogs before I even got pregnant...LOL!


sashasmama - January 26

This is not really a game, but... I usually sleep in in the morning, dd wakes up at 6 am, and I get dh to get up and entertain her till about 7. He never minded that, and oh was I proud of him for being such a good husband! Well, a few days ago I found out why he didn't mind - he takes her to the living room, turnes on Noggin, and goes to sleep for about 30 minutes right next to her! At about 6:30 he starts making her milk and changing her and whatever, and when I get up he'd say "we had such a good time playing!", even though he didn't play with her at all. Oh, and then after I get up "it's his turn for a nap", only I actually play with her when he's sleeping for like 2-3 hours!


srigles - January 26

My dh plays Superman with Keegan when he's screaming. He picks him up and "flies" him all over the house. When he finally stops, Keegan is no longer crying and has the "what the heck was THAT all about?" look on his face.... too cute!


Emily - January 26

my hubby plays the claw with my two year odl. the problem, my two year old wants to play it with er sister who is 7 mos......


ToniaK - January 26

LOL! Can't believe there are others that actually do The Claw - I was sure my dh was the only one that played that game. DD absoultely loves it!



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