Santa Photos

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ally - December 6

This is not a question just a quickie to say my daughter had her photo taken with santa yesterday, she didn't smile but she didn't cry and i pick up the photos today, it was so special, she is 6 months old. Anyone else had santa photos done?


monica - December 6

I did and he didnt smile or cry either...he looks kind of mad in his picture... oh well i had to do it its his first christmas mad or not....


Jamie - December 7

I'm hoping to get Santa photos done on Friday, at my husband's unit's holiday party; but, she's getting her 4 month immunizations earlier in the day, so it may not work out...fingers are crossed! And, Ally, post a link to the pics, I wanna see! You too, monica!


ally - December 7

jamie i have no idea how to do that haha but i am quite happy to send a pic of her to you, i have loads on the computer cause my brother decided to be nice to me when she was born and bought me a digital camera and a printer so i can do them here too. Definitely needle day wouldnt be good hey, i know from experience i get her home, she sleeps and i just do mellow things with her and cant wait for her to later be in bed and it be the next day and its all over if that makes sense. I didn't think alot about santa photos monica and then thought, i have too its her first xmas


Jamie - December 7

If you wanna email 'em to me, my email is [email protected]


Narcissus - December 7

Okay girls, time to put those on piczo:)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 7

I got lucas's pic with santa a few weeks ago. It turned out sooo cute. He didn't smile but did not cry either!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 7

Amaya was amazed at his beard. She just kept rubbing it and running her fingers through it. she didnt smile but she didnt cry either.


monica - December 7

ahh that is so cute about amaya and santas is mine. I will check everyones in a bit.


Jamie - December 7

Awwww, they're both adorable!


TC - December 8

Hey I does anyone know where I can get my son's picture taken with Santa. I am in New York and have no idea. Do they take them in Macys?


Heavenly - December 8

I would love to but my hubby says that he does not want our daughter's pic taken with Santa cuz he is fake and he does not plan on telling her about santa.


Lissi - December 8

Awwe! Amaya is so pretty!


monica to TC - December 8

Any mall should have santa their....


Karen - December 8

going this weekend. !


TC - December 8

Things are different here in NYC. Our malls are not......really malls. To me anyways. The malls here do not look like other malls in other places.


Karen - December 8

gorgourous pics. :)



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