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LisaB - March 10

My ds has alot of toys and as he really gets into playing with them certain ones are standing out as cheap and well c__ppy. His See and Say he loves but it only will make sounds like every 10 pulls and only if its lined up just so he has the Tickle Me Elmo his first one came out of the box broke so we ended up sending it back and waitng 8 weeks for a new one now the new one only works every so often and it sucks up batteries like crazy. What are some toys that didnt work so well for you?


ssmith - March 10

I searched everywhere for a Manhattan Toy Co. "Winkel" because she loved the one that my girlfriend had....well after all my searching and eventually getting one off of eBay....she never touched it!! She also never really enjoyed the teething ring "keys" or a "Taggies" blanket that I also searched high & low for. She doesn't really have a lot of toys, mostly books ~~ which are always a big hit!


aurorabunny - March 10

For some reason my ds doesn't want anything to do with teethers. I went out and bought probably about 15 different kinds of the darn things and he doesn't want anything to do with them! He just wants to eat his hands! Wish I would have known that, because his hands are free....LOL


LollyM - March 10

the simple toys are the best. my dd's favorite toy is a rattle that is clear so you can see the beeds inside, with some blue on it. She LOVES it, and it came off of her baby gym! the outside id also kind of bumpy so she uses it for teething also. Also, she has some soft cloth blocks from target that are different colors. She got them for her baby shower and loves them, she hasn't gotten tired of them yet! they were like, 12 bucks for 4 =)


Brenda M - March 10

You know what my 8-month old has been enthralled with for the past two weeks? A leftover mouse from an old computer we trashed last year. He was sitting on a blanket, surrounded by Baby Einstein an Sa__sy toys and nothing was making him happy. I swung the mouse in front of him and he grabbed it and has been happy as a clam ever since. The "adult" toys are more interesting than the baby ones I guess!


KLC - March 10

My husband gave Aaron my old cell phone one day in a fit of desperation LOL and he loves it!!


aurorabunny - March 10

Oh Brenda and KLC, my son is exactly like that. He could care less about his toys...all he wants is my house phone, my cell phone, and the remotes! I even bought him a "baby" cell phone that is brightly colored and teaches letters and numbers....does he want that thing? Heck no, he knows it's not the real deal...LOL


Keli - March 10

I wish they made a play remote, that looked like a real remote, but we knew that the paint was safe for them to chew on. Sometimes I will pick up and "use" the sesame street remote, just so dd thinks its real... lol at myself.


Bridget - March 11

OMG, what is it with the remotes??? At least I'm not alone. My DS (13 months old)has completely unprogrammed one and I couldn't find the manual so I had to go get another one so we could watch DVDs. I got him a cute play one from Target that has Elmo sounds and #s and all and he sort of likes that one but not as much as the real ones. He is also obsessed with the keyboard on my computer, he dives for it every time my head is turned. I got a $5 one at Big Lots and cut the cord off and gave it to him. He ignores it. I even move mine back and put the new one in front of him on the computer desk and he pushes it out of the way, it's bizarre. The scary thing is that once when he got to the keyboard when the computer was on, he managed with his pounding to change my screensaver. Toys: I bought a very expensive toy that was educational, played music of all kinds, had a light touch for an infant and he would go in the opposite direction. It was a musical platypus, I forget the brand name but I bought it online from Macy's. Other fancy talking, singing stuffed animals were bombs too, although he like plain soft ones, go figure? Fisher Price toys tend to be real winners. The (FP)Animal Train is a fave and a (FP) ball thing that you hit the center and it spins around and has little ribbons that swing with it.He still plays with that thing and he used it to help him sit up, months ago! B___s are a good one, too.


Brenda M - March 11

Ha ha...oh yes, the keyboard! Since he was about 4 months or so, we've been loading up the baby games on the Fisher-Price website. All the baby has to do is hit any key and a cartoon character pops up and says, "PEEKABOO!" Let me just tell you, he's become quite a pro!


CyndiG - March 11

Carlie loves the remotes too! We have an extra one from an old cable box and she doesn't buy it! She just wants the real one. They look exactly the same. How does she know????? I let her play with the keyboard the other day and she shut the computer down....??? She also loves my metal measuring spoons, and a plastic tape measure I have, that I now can't find! LOL! She has all these "real" toys that she got for Christmas and will only play with them once in a while.


LollyM - March 12

BrendaM, I'mgoing to look up those baby games! do they cost any money? dd LOVES the computer! I can't even use it when she's around because she will go into attack mode lol.


Brenda M - March 12

LollyM--Free! Go to, then choose fun and family time!


Emily - March 12

old remotes and cell phones with the bateries removed are th best toys. my dd loves them. Simple is best. I find that the most colorful don't go over as well. It is like they know htey are toys and not real....also lights and soft noise is good, as long as the toy is simple.


apr - March 12

my boy's favourites are: his hairbrush (soft bristles of course) packet of wet wipes, tube of diaper cream. those will keep him quiet for hours... i dont bother buying toys b/c i have a whole drawer full which he hardly plays with. he'd love me if i gave him my cellphone, but as long as I dont have another one, he's not getting it : )


Lchan - March 12

We went to a b-day party one week ago and my son couldn't stop playing with the b-day girl's "Kidtronics Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-Choo" . We stopped at Target on our way home to get one for him and he hasn't stopped playing with it. Its definitely his favorite toy.



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