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Gavinsmom - March 8

Hello! I took my 6 week old ds to the ped today b/c he has been showing signs of reflux. I saw my dr's partner b/c ours is out of town. Well, he said he definitely thinks ds has reflux and to try giving him 0.8 ml of Maalox or Mylanta and if in a few days we see no improvement to call him and he will prescribe a proton pump inhibitor. Does this sound right? I've talked to a lot of people and done tons of research online and never once have I heard to give a newborn adult Maalox or Mylanta. I'm so confused and am willing to try anything to help my poor little guy! He is in so much pain after he eats...I love bonding with him while feeding, but I dread what happens when he's done eating! I hope this works b/c I can't bare a few more days of seeing my angel suffer! Opinions, please??? Have you heard of a dr doing this? Has this worked for anyone's lo? Please help us! :(


rl- - March 8

I don't think you should give the aldult kind I know they have it for babies just get the baby kind my friend at work her grandson uses the baby kind


Perl - March 8

So sorry to hear that your ds may have reflux. My ds has had it since week 8 but has improved so much with medication and time. I think I've heard of Mylanta being used for babies but not sure if it was adult or not. My little guy was diagnosed with reflux at 8 weeks and Dr. started him right away on 1 ml of liquid Zantac twice per day. Dr never told me anything about Mylanta. My ds is now 4 months old and is up to 1 ml 3 times a day. I do use Mylicon for infants in between Zantac doses when my ds is also ga__sy. Mylicon is especially for infants and has Simethicone like Mylanta but I think Mylanta may also have antacid in it. You need to make sure you're using an antacid not just anti-gas for reflux.


Bonnie - March 8

You can get Gaviscon in the UK for babies, but that is it. All the rest of the drugs are actually adult ones. Mylanta and Maalox are quite common to give for mild reflux so you can feel okay about that. Usually they either try those first or H2 Blockers (Zantac, Axid, Pepcid) and when those don't worh they go for the PPI's (proton pump inhibitors) which are Prevacid and Prilosec. The only thing I would probably change from what your doctor is recommending would be to try either Zantac or Pepcid if the Mylanta doesn;t work and THEN try the PPI's. I'm a firm believer in going with the stronger meds as a last resort. If you do go to the PPIs, be aware they take a couple weeks before you will notice any change at all. The H2 blockers are mroe contact based and you should see change within a few days at most. Mylanata and Maalox you should see change right away. Even if they are not enough to help, I suggest you keep them on hand. Even when your kiddo is on prescription medication, they can have breakthrough pain and it's nice to have that stuff on hand. Check out and look under the info section about the different types of medications. :)


Samantha1 - March 8

I was told to give my dd malox and it did wonders for her same dose ur doc told u to give ur lo it will be okay dont worry



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