Scared About 4 Months Old Develeopment

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poohcma102 - March 8

Hi I hope I am over reacting about things. My baby is 4 months old and is not rolling over or holding her head up when on her tummy. Also when on her tummy she is not pushing up on her arms as if she is doing a push up. When she is on her tummy all she does is try to chew on her hands and gets extremely frustrated. She is not rolling over when either on her back or on her tummy. I recieve emails with what newborns are supposed to be doing and she just seems like she is not doing anything she is supposed to do. I understand that all babies develop at different rates but I would think she would at least be doing sonme things. She does what I call wiggle around. When she is laid down she moves so much that she wiggles from one end of her crib to the other. All I see her do is chew on her hands. I am scared because my other child is autistic. Even though she is on the high end and is high functioning. Am I over reacting? I don't know if I could handle two children with problems. Thank you


socurbaby7 - March 8

i think all babys develope at diff rates... i know my older brother when he was a baby never crawled or ne thing like that he jus one day decided to furniture surf(grab everything and stnd) and went straight to walking (but this wasnt until he was 9 months... so he didnt crawl before that) and my little brother his head was so heavy he used to drag it when he crawled so he would just roll everywhere... jus dont get frustrated with things and keeptrying with tummy time eventually she will get it... goodluck


HeavenisMine - March 8

My almost four month old does none of these either. She likes her tummy for the most part but she cannot roll over or hold her head up all that well. Her legs and arms just move like she is trying to kick them under her, but she cannot do that either. Ha ha socurbaby my sister never crawled either, she went from laying to walking.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 8

I know you are worried, but the chances of having 2 is really low isn't it? Well anyways, at 4 months my niece wasn't doing anything. In fact she was 5 months when she rolled the first time. Do you work full time? Or even at all. Cause if she is with a babysitter and or you tend to your other child more, her development rate will be a bit slower. (which isn't a bad thing if you do have an autistiic child, you need to tend to them more) I guess the more interaction with a child (in SOME not all cases) can make them move faster. Or the baby can be like my brother and not do anything until they are ready. My brother was slow at doing EVERYTHING. He didn't walk til WAY after one, didn't have his first tooth til after one. Wouldn't roll or do anything til he wanted too. He is that way to this day (he is 25) he does everything t his own pace. If he isnt ready to go somewhere, he won't go he will just pace himself and do it at his own time lol so just know that it really is the baby. My brother, my niece...even my nephews had done a few things way slower then other kids. Talking was quick though (they could have been slow with that lol jk)


Canada - March 11

When girl was four months all she wanted to do was eat her too! She did grow out of that though and now all she wants to do is eat all her toys :)


jenna32 - March 12

she is probably just fine, my baby does push up and everything but everybody says she acts older then she really is (we think our due dates were wrong to), so i'm sure some babies are behind.


mlm056 - March 12

Deep breath -- those darn 'milestone emails' will drive you nuts!!! My son HATED tummy time and would scream and chew on his hands.. then one day at 6 months HE decided to roll around, push up on his arms etc. At 8 months he decided to roll all over to get to things. My dr. was great, as I too, was hung up on the milestones... the ranges that babies develop different skills vary widely... ie some babies never crawl and go straight to walking. Some babies babble at 5 months, some continue to moan until 12 months! When you go to see your ped at your lo check up, voice your concerns re: autism and let him give you some things to look out for ie... lack of eye contact,lack of interaction with you etc. Enjoy your lo.


name - March 12

Hey my boy will be 4 months tomarrow and he is at the same rate as your lo. He HATES tummy time and refuses to lift up his head or push up on his arms, although I know he can b/c I've caught him doing it a few time. He smooshes his face into the floor and screams! LoL. He has rolled over from front to back once, and that was a long time ago, I finally quit putting him on his tummy, since he hates it so much plus his acid reflux is so bad he'll vomit when on his tummy. He also doesn't roll over from his back to side. Oh and girl, them hands of his are always in his mouth! He does the wiggle thing too, or more or less scoots up when on his tummy, b/c he's so angry. Now my daughter, she did everything extremely early, rolled over at 3 days old, held her head up all by herself immediately after birth, so I had to stop comparing the two and their development. I can definetely understand why you're worried since you have a child who's autistic, but maybe you can speak to your ped and see what their take on your dd's development is. But rest a__sured, my ds is exactly where your dd is at, and I'm confident there isn't any developmental delays with him so far. Good luck babe.



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