Scared Me Choking On Spit Up

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piratesmermaid - February 7

I was changing Gretchen's diaper, and she had pulled part of her outfit into her mouth and was sucking on it, and she sucked so hard she started gagging and her mouth filled up with spit and spit-up and she wasn't making any noise at all, just doing that horrible gaggy-face that scares the crud out of all mothers. So rolled her onto her stomach and womped her hard on the back and so much liquid came out of her mouth, OMG. These things can happen so fast, even when you're right there!


LollyM - February 7

aww, i know it's so scary when things like that happen! My Ava had reflux for a number of months and often looked like she was choking on spit up although, it was never so bad that I had to coax the spit up out! I was feeding her mashed banana once though and she must have gotten a tiny chunk and she acted like she was choking on it. I panicked! She was ok though, but ever since the, I mash her banana so fine, it takes a really long time to do it! It just makes you appreciate what you have with your baby that much more doesn't it! I'm glad Gretchen is ok! I want to take a baby cpr cla__s incase I ever need it!


Rabbits07 - February 7

Better check your head for gray hairs! That's how I felt with Mason the other


USMC_wife - February 7

When Leah, my oldest dd was 7 months old her Dad thought it would be a good idea to let her have a potato chip. needless to say she choked on it and I instinctively snatched her up and smacked her on the back. It was so scary! Good job getting it under control so quickly. These things do happen very quickly. My mom almost died when she was little from choking on a piece of hot dog. I rarely let Leah eat them, but if I do I nearly grind it up I cut the pieces so small!


ash2 - February 7

I know how you feel . Ladies i just took a cpr cla__s for work and you could not imagine the relief i feel now knowing what to do ! Contact your local red cross and i think they offer one for 20 dollars. I think it is well worth the money if you knew what to do to save their life : )


Erynn21 - February 7

I know after reading about Rabbits the other day I called about an infant CPR cla__s, I am getting a group of mother together for it. It's like 25 dollars per per son, so worth it.


piratesmermaid - February 7

I was cpr certified....6 years ago? I want/need to take a refresher course or something, just for my own state of mind! Hubby's certified though....



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