Scared Need To Vent

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Crystal83 - April 15

I'm 5 days late and I'm terrified to take a pregnancy test. I'm never late....unless I'm pregnant. The weird thing is that I don't feel pregnant at all. I don't have sore br___ts, I'm not having the cravings or the ligament pain I usually get. I have 3 dd's aged 7, 4 and 7 mos. My dh and I do plan on having another baby, but we weren't expecting it to happen this soon. We are having house built and are relying on me to go back to work in Sept. to help pay the mortgage for a few months and then i was going to take in a kid and do child care for extra money after we got caught up on everything so I could be at home. Now I'm feeling a little bit hopeless. We really need this house, we are living with my in-laws while it's being built. I'm so scared now that we're not going to be able to afford it. I know I should take a pregnancy test but I want to stay in denial for a while longer. I started an anti-depressant about a month ago and I'm hoping it may have something to do with why I'm late (fingers crossed). Anyways I just need to vent a bit about all this. Thankyou.


britt_m - April 15

Wow, thats a tough situation. I'd definately find out soon just incase your not suppose to be taking those anti-depressants while pregnant. I'm also pregnant and my lo is 10 1/2 months I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. Definately wasn't planning on things this soon either and was suppose to go on the Mirena after my period, haha. I watch a little girl thru the day for extra money. Its a little rough sometimes as shes here 13-15 hours a day, her moms single and military and works with my DH. I sent her a contract and other papers as I was going to do daycare and decided against it, but still wanted to play it safe. She never sent them back its been months. Now shes picking her up at almost 8pm and dropping her off at 5:30-6am. She also stayed all weekend til Sunday night : S. The lady didn't pay me half what I asked, very very reasonable so I had to tell her this morning she still owed, its hard to do that. I definately suggest doing a simple contract and paperwork just to cover both the mom and your b___t. I can email mine to you if you wanted. Just be careful, its a tough spot to be in. I hope all goes well for you! GL


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 15

I know how you daughter is 7.5 months, only I am 18w 1d pregnant. So I got pregnant quick. I was supposed to watch my nephew but I couldn't just because I am so tired. But I would definately take a test because of the anti-depressants. Its better to know and plan then to wait it out and build up more and more reasons you don''t want to be pregnant. Make it easier by knowing and planning from there. I hope all goes well.


Crystal83 - April 15

I'm going to go buy a test as soon as DH gets home from work. I'm on a low dose of anti-depressant so I shouldn't have any problems. I'll stop taking it if I am. I have a Dr. appt. on Mon. to discuss how the med is working.Thanks for the tip britt-m, a contract is a good idea. I'll have to take on a child for daycare if I'm pregnant. I can't go back to work. That'll be hard with 4 kids, but we need this house so badly. I don't have a choice.


britt_m - April 15

The best advice I've gotten when I've been pretty down and for some reason it just sunk in is, everything happens for a reason and will work out in the end : ) I hope your home still comes thru!


Crystal83 - April 16

I took a test last night and it was negative!! YAY!! I got AF about 3 hours later. I've never been so happy to see it, lol. Hubby and I have been freaking out for the past week now we're extremly relieved and going to make sure we're a little more careful from now on.:)


britt_m - April 16

I guess in this case Congrats on AF would fit, lol.


margie - April 16

congratulations on your negative! i know how relieved you must feel, i went through the same thing a couple of months ago when my baby was only a couple of months old...i am so excited about having another baby, but it just isn't quite time yet..


tish212 - April 17

ok you NEED to take the test, i know you don't want to but the anti depressants can cause problems in pregnancy, i had to stop mind when i got pregnant... it is possible that you are under a ton of stree because of the new house and living with the inlaws and knowing you are going back to work... that maybe what is causing your cycle to be messed up... but def test because certian depression meds can cause birth defects... good luck & know everything will always work out in the end, and you are never given more than you can handle.!



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