Scared Of Public Germs

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mandee25 - January 31

My SIL and I were discussing germs and babies the other day and how you may never think of touching your babies face or lips after touching your shopping cart. I wash my hands continously through the day whether I touch my dog, put wood in the furnace and other obvious reasons. I am going to be more careful in public places especially at the flu season when it comes to contaminated public things I touch like shopping cart, door handles, etc. Illnesses are spread mostly from hand to mouth. From now on I am keeping Purell hand sanitizer in my purse for times when I take my LO shopping and stuff. Just thought I would share.


piratesmermaid - January 31

I've got had sanitizer in my diaper bag, I use it constantly. We should buy stock in those things!


USMC_wife - January 31

What grosses me out the most is knowing that a lot of people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Then they go around touching everything. I almost refuse to shake anyone's never know where it might have been a few minutes ago!! GROSS!!!!


austinsmom - January 31

I also carry around sant_tizing wipes in the diaperbag....I use these on the shopping carts and anything I will let my lo touch.....I am very leary of germs as well.


LisaB - January 31

I have a shopping cart cover so neither my ds or I touch the shopping cart handle- our store also has Clorex wipes at the door so you can wipe down your cart. I'm a germ freak I always wash ans sanitize. Did you see the Oprah where they vidoe taped peopel from her show using the bathroom and not washing their hands GROSS!!!


mcatherine - January 31

I keep sanitizer in the diaper bag, my purse and the glove compartment, too. No one gets back in my vehicle after being in public until they have sanitized their hands. We got one of those floppy cart covers for the carts and high chairs. We haven't used it yet - but I see a lot of woemn with them!


Rabbits07 - January 31

I'm like mom says I act like everyone has the plague! LOL.


HannahBaby - January 31

public places are disgusting. My husband isnt the best about alot of things. He took our daughter to the DMV last summer and let her walk around the DMV with NO SHOES on (she took em off in the car and he didnt want to put em back on) and a a few days later she got a strange rash and then BOOM she had Coxsackie Virus!! The doc thinks thats how she picked it up. I hate taking my kids in public. ESPICALLY playgrounds!! They are the most germ infested places in the world!!


Kara H. - January 31

I use lots of hand sanitizer, but don't think that is enough. I take clorox disinfecting wipes in the diaper bag and I wipe down everthing! When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From every surface on the shopping cart that me or the baby might touch (that included the entire top bar around the top of the cart), the public changing stations, table and highchairs at restuarants, and even the chairs at the doctor's office. What propted me to use the Clorox wipes is that Max got Rotavirus the day after we had spent a couple days running errands. I had used one of those activity cover thingys on every cart and highchair when had used, but he still caught it somewhere. One of us touched something contaminated and then transfered it to his hand or mouth. We all got it and I had to miss a week of work, which I couldn't really afford, and Max lost 10% of his body weight. I learned that the rotavirus can live for 10 DAYS on hard surfaces. So that means on Monday a mom with a sick kid could change a poopy diaper, not clean her hands good enough, go to the store, transfer the virus to any surface on that cart, then up to 10 day later somebody could use that same cart and get themselves and their child sick. So I clorox everything!!


BusyBee - January 31

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. I am really leary of strangers touching my baby. One time, I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye reaching towards ds and, as a reflex, I quickly pulled the stroller away from her! I am not the least bit embara__sed about acting that way. If we don't protect our LO's, who will? Keep hand sanitizing girls!



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