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gracie - May 25

Hi, Last night my 12 month old took a nose dive out of his pack and play. I was at my moms and when I stay there he sleeps in his pack and play in the same room as me. He was crying and I checked on him around 2am decided he was okay and let him try to go back to sleep on his own and he pushed himself over the edge and I heard a loud thud. Scared the c__p out of me. Now I have a dilemna. Thank god he was unhurt, I called the doctor to find out what to do, if he should be allowed in crib or pack and play anymore. She felt that he should either be put on a mattress directly on the floor or in a toddler bed. I am currently 8 months pregnant and the idea of him being able to crawl around at night is frightening and I truely am looking for anyone with similar stories or ideas. He has always been somewhat of a climber even at nine months when he couldnt do anything but pull him self up he pulled himself up on bathtub and pushed himself into it, no water thank god. The doctor said most babies dont do this till they are between 2-2 1/2 and she was surprized. figures.. as I am way to preggo to be picking him up endless times at night and putting him back on his mattress. My brother in law, who thinks he is funny, suggested a dog kennel.. As you can see I need some advice....... lol... thanks.


Ginny - May 25

Your son sounds alot like my brother! He would wake up at night and tour the house. It scared my mom half to death, too. The final break was when she woke up dad because there were noises in the kitchen - it was my 24 mo. old brother trying to cut open an orange with a knife!! He had pushed the chair against the counter and crawled onto it to get the orange and the knife. And their solution may be crazy, but I don't blame them. They had a set of bunk beds, and they pushed them against a wall. They bought a latice gate that stretched accross the open side, and every night they would close it and latch it. Mom would put in a few safe toys so that if he woke up he could amuse himself. Before that, she had baby proofed his bedroom- no cords, exposed outlets, sharp edges, etc., so that if he woke up and moved around his bedroom, he'd be safe (that only worked till he could open doorknobs). Good luck! Let us know what happens!


HannahBaby - May 25

I would not put your 12 month old in a toddler bed or a matress on the me that is more dangerous than taking a fall. I dont think that you can baby proof a 12 months olds room because they dont know any better. Has he ever gotten out of his crib?? If not i would just keep him out of the pack and play. Drop the matress down on the lowest setting and keep ALL toys out of the crib (thats how i got out at 20 months, i stacked all of my toys up and climbed right out) also, dont let him dilly dally, put him in when hes tired and take him out as soon as he wakes up. Good luck and i hope that you dont have to resort to taking him out of his crib


Heather F - May 25

What about those mesh tents that fit over the crib so the baby cant get out?


Rabbits07 - May 26

Your ds sounds like me whenI was a baby! My mom said that at nine months I would crawl out of my crib and all through the house. She said one time she came into the kitchen and found me sitting on the stove. I had opened the oven door and used it to climb onto the stove top and had poured out oil, salt and pepper all over the stove! Also, by the time I was 2 & 3 I would get up and leave and go to my grandparents house next door. I can actually remember using a broom to push the nail out of the way that my mom had nailed and bent over at the top of the door to keep me in! Several of my kids have been the same way. If you have to resort to a toddler bed (which I wouldn't do unless he CAN get out of the crib) make sure you clear the room of anything dangerous, make sure all furniture that could possibly be overturned is bolted to the wall (you can buy kits for that). Also when my oldest two were 2 & 3 I had to use two doorway gates (one on top of the other) to keep them from escaping. Good luck.


Sarahsmommy - May 26

Like Heather F I was gonna suggest one of the tents that goes over the crib, one of the women I used to babysit for had to do this for one of her kids and it worked well.


Maggie - May 26

Hi gracie, sounds like you have a climber on your hands. My son was, and still is a climber (he's 5 now) and it made for some very scary moments. Thankfully he has never seriously hurt himself, but he is the child that always has scapes on his knees. I have a question to ask you that is off topic for your question. i noticed that you are 8 months pregnant, and not to get too personal, but how did you decide that it was the right time too have another baby? I have a dd who will be 4 months on June 6, and I'm really starting to get the itch again. I know my husband would flip out, but then again he is one of those men who tries to give his wife everything they want. I don't want to push him into anything, but I really feel like I would like another baby, and my husband is already 33 (I'm going to be 27 in August). I just feel like if I'm going to do it I want to be pregnant again by the end of this year. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this because its something that you are going through yourself. Thanks in advance.


gracie - May 27

Hi all thanks for the responces. I really appriciate some of the advice esspecially the tent idea and the double gates on the door. Maggie- well I definatly had the itch. I so love being a mom and missed being pregnant that I just didnt want to wait the full year that was suggested by my doctor. I was rather impulsive and lets just say I didnt exactly discuss with husband, just sorta let it happen. Now that I am so pregnant, I remember how it feels to be so pregnant. Taking care of a one year old while being so pregnant is quite a bit more difficult than I really expected. However if your husband and family are supportive I do believe that having them close together has many benifits. You will however be pretty tired come 8 months pregnant as thats right around the time your older one will start walking and boy do they get into everything. good luck........ keep me posted



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