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Petzer - January 15

My ds is 9.5 months. My sister and brother in law are completely in love with him. Which is great, I even made them his God Parents. Lately however; they are scaring me. Just this Saturday I went to my sis's house to borrow a carpet cleaner and she told me her husband thinks we should just give ds to them. He is thinking of ways that they could get him from me. I have had to remind them several times that I am his mother and Steve (dh) is his father. I have caught sister holding ds and handing him to brother in law saying go to daddy. My sister is bi-polar (although she doesn't admit it) and I don't feel comfortable leaving ds with her unless her husband is home. Now, I don't even feel comfortable with him. I know they love him and bil doesn't have any children of his own and wants one dearly, and they are trying, but HE IS MY SON> I know ds is wonderful and I always get told by people how they want to take him home with them. That doesn't bother me, but to hear it from my sister and bil it really scares me. Any suggestions on how to handle this? My sister is really over bearing the oldest of 5, and I am the youngest....


ash2 - January 15

hmmmm, this is a toughie ! Well i would definantly start limiting his time with them ! Apparently they are more involved with him than normal. Honestly i would consider them keeping him with her being bi-polar....yes it can be controlled with medicine, but it is a very dangerous disease if left untreated or skips a day on medicine. Explain to them that them telling your son that they are his parents is UNACCEPTABLE ! Let them know you mean buissness now before they start to fill his head with all kinds of junk when he gets older.


Brittany - January 15

Ok, I'm going to be really honest with you. I would stop bringing you son around them completely. That is absolutely crazy about the whole go to dad thing in front of your son (someone who ISN'T his dad). Her bi-polar disorder and being an older, overbearing child in the family is NO excuse to let her act this way. Maybe I sound harsh but you have no idea what they say around your son when your not around, maybe he is 9 1/2 months old now but when he is older, they're going to confuse him! Have a sit down with them and explain to them that your feeling uncomfortable with their actions, if they keep it up, in my opinion, I'd stay far away. I'm the type of mom who is very over protective but if my family EVER did that to me...OOOO I'd be FLIPPING out. We are the parents, no one else is and my kids will grow up knowing that we are the parents and we were the ones taking care of them. Good luck, please be careful...I've seen so many crazy stories on the news, I'm not implying anything, family is family but you sister has taken things a little too far. Have they looked into adoption or anything?


taral - January 15

I have to agree with Brittany.... and these seem to be the kind of people (sorry if this hurts, I don't know for sure) that take kids.


Rhiannon - January 15

wow. I agree with Brittany. You have to keep your son away from them until they cool down. Your story made my skin crawl. It is really scary.


piratesmermaid - January 15

My SIL and a couple of my friends joke around that they'd love to keep our dd, but we know it's just for fun. Your's sounds serious and I'd be careful. I'd have to agree with Brittany. I know family is family too, but some problems can't be overlooked, it's a sad dangerous world now.


sahmof3 - January 15

Having not heard the way they said it, I can't say for sure. But, I agree with the others... they seemed to have crossed over to a fantasy world where your child IS theirs. Yikes!


apr - January 15

could this be because she wants kids and doesnt have any? I must agree with all the others. you've got to keep him away and slowly get the message across that he is a nephew and not their son. I know how you feel b/c my dh has an aunt who is like 45 living on her own and doesnt have kids. well, when ds was 2 months old we had some family get together and she was holding him and saying to him: ''when u get a bit older, and your daddy and mummy shout at you, you can come and live with me''. I was really p__sed about it. yes, it is a 2 month old, but if shes saying it now, shell be saying it later. same applies to your sis and bil


apr - January 15

and by the way she was not joking when she said it. she meant it seriously


rl- - January 15

I have to agree with the others that is really creepy...maybe her telling you this was to see your reaction she may have not meant it but you really don't know that now do you so keep your son away from them and to be honest I think you should not go around them with your son alone either maybe I just watch to much tv but gosh I would be afraid they would kill me and take off or make it look like an accident or whatever it is just very creepy she is calling her dh dad to your kid and since they have none themselves just becarefull!!


BreaunasMommy - January 15

I agree with everyone else lol rl I think exactly like you I would be scared of something crazy like that happening as well. You never know what crazy things people will do these days


lenae - January 15

I would have to agree with everyone, limit or stop time spent with them, do not let them have him alone. I am a paranoid person but I would die if I trusted someone and they behaved that way with my son, if I let it slide and they took him. We have a lot of that around here or one parent coming in and killing the other or the child even so I guess I may be a bit overreactive. I'd stop visiting them period and tell them exactly why and what I thought of their behavior. If someone took my kids I'd hunt them down and probably end up killing them, I feel so strongly about it, but I am also hormonal right now, as I am STILL waiting on #3 to make her entrance. I hope everything works out for you.



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