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EricaLynn - January 24

My daughter is 3 weeks old and for a while there she was on a pretty good schedual. She went to sleep around 10-11 and would wake up around 8-9am. (she woke up during the night once or twice) But the other night she was up until about 3:30am! It was very frustrating, she ate like 10oz of br___t milk in about 3 hours and I changed her diaper like 5 times in that span!! She was just being very fussy and needy. I was just wondering what you all did to get your kids on a schedual? I know she is young but I want her to get on a shcedual as early as there anything I can do?


EricaLynn - January 24



ash2 - January 24

3 weeks old is a little too young to start on a schedule. Im not the one to get this questioned answered because mine made their own schedule and i adapted to theirs instead of forcing one onto them, but i will bump you up for one of the other girls...


piratesmermaid - January 24

I agree with ash2. My daughter was eatting every 3 hours at 3 weeks old, no matter what. And she got a diaper change each time. That's normal, that's what is supposed to happen when they're that young. Maybe 3months old try to work out a schedule, but compromise with your lo. She'll have a natural schedule and you can work with it and not have AS many problems, or you could try come up with one that doesn't really mesh with her own internal clock and have more problems.


EricaLynn - January 25

Im not trying to force a schedual on her, I know that shes gunna do what she wants to do. I was just wondering if anyone did anything (like trying to get their kids up at the same time every day) that helped. She has definite waking hours (usually during the day thank god) and takes a long nap during the day (about four hours) and then is up for a while in the afternoon and evening. Just wondering if there was anything I can do with her so she keeps the waking hours during the day more.....I know she is young though....


hello - January 25

I really think once they begin to sleep through the night they make their own, it starts to come naturally to be honest, or it did for me.... There is nothing to go by right now as she is only three weeks old and even when my daughter was a few months old it was still a bit up in the air .... Give it more time ... some nights it will be harder to settle them, sometimes they wanna play and dont know they should be going back to sleep..... It will happen .... just not yet



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