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jb - January 27

My dd is pretty much off the bottle by her choice. She will be a year on Feb 11th. For the past 2-3 weeks she takes hardly any formula (about 12 ounces a day). I normally make her 3-8ounce bottles a day (right when she wakes up, then around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then again before bed). I always like to offer her the full 8 ounces, but she is only taking about 4 ounces...if I am lucky. For her lunch and dinner I always give her whole milk (working towards the transition from formula to whole milk). Anyhow, I know that I could completely switch over to the whole milk and eliminate the formula, but I am concerned about a few things. The first thing, should I give her whole milk the same times I would give her a bottle/sippy cup normally, or should I give them at breakfast lunch and dinner? The second thing, I am concerned about her getting all the right vitamins and other good stuff. I was always bad with 'eating a well balanced diet'. I jsut don't want to make the same mistakes with her that I did with myself. How many servings of veggies should she get? How much fruits? Can you give me a sample schedule that you have with your lo? Thanks for any help you can give me!!! :-)


jb - January 28



k.p.j.e. - January 28

Hi, I had to answer this one- I do the same thing with my son, I give him three bottles a day of whole milk at wake-up time, around 3, and before bed. He does eat all 8 oz. though. My suggestion is maybe to offer 5 oz. or 6 oz. instead of 8, and maybe four times a day. She might be too busy with other things (learning to walk, talk, etc.?) to want to settle down for a whole 8oz. at a time. Btw, I don't think you can go wrong offering one serving of fruit/ vegetable each meal at that age. Obviously along with protein and fat too. They are just so finicky at this age, it's hard to get a perfect diet into them!!! Good luck!


ren05 - January 28

hi, im sort of in the same boat. my ds has just turned 1 & he has a bottle first thing when he wakes & also a second one about 3pm then a cup of cows milk at bedtime. iam thinking of giving him a cup of milk at the same time he would of had his afternoon bottle then that only means he will be having one.As for the other foods here is an example of what my ds east during the day besides his 2 bottles.breakfast is cereal mixed with fruit (usually pear or apple).morning tea is a tub of yoghurt,lunch is a sandwich & juice,afternoon snack is half a banana,dinner is bowl of mixed vegies /meate.g- sweet potato,pumpkin,broccoli etc.then a piece of toast & cup of milk. he sips on water ttrough out the day.hope that helps


shelly22 - January 28

Hello jb, our lo's are so close in age! My son will be 1 on Feb. 15th. Anyways, he got off the bottle the same way-his choice. He was drinking about 5 oz a day so I got the go ahead to switch. This is what I do, I only had him on a bottle in the afternoon and 1 at night from the time he was about 8 or 9 months. So, I just give him milk and a snack around those times. I still give him 1/2 juice with 1/2 water in the morning and before his morning nap. I give him some at lunch and then after that its milk the rest of the day. His afternoon snack, dinner, and at night. He drinks about 2 10oz sippy cups atleast, so about 20-25oz of milk-he loves it! I hope that helped. BTW, is your daughter walking yet?


jb - January 28

Thanks for your input everyone. Shelly, no, she is not walking yet...well not independently. She can walk pushing a toy around though. She is starting to learn the whole balance thing. I have seen her stand alone for a few seconds by herself. When she realizes it, then she falls!!! I wish there was a way I could help her, but I guess I am doing everything I can by giving her time to practice.Is your son walking yet?


shelly22 - January 28

well he walks with his toys all day long. He's been taking steps for a couple weeks, and then tuesday he was walking all over the place! All across the room and now a couple days later, he's barely walking again! Here and there and thats it! Funny, huh? What are you doing for your lo's bday?


jb - January 28

That is so funny!! I can't wait until my dd walks all over. As for her b-day, I am not sure.I was just talking about that with my mom today. We will probably just keep it simple. Probably go to my parents house, have Bridget's god parents over and one of my aunts and uncles. If we have to many people over, she will want me to hold her the entire time!!!! What are you going to do for your sons b-day?


shelly22 - January 28

We're having Evan's party at gymboree, do you have those where you live? We invited about 45 adults and about 18 kids!! I can't wait, I'm sooooo excited! I always had a thing with big bday's so I had to do his big too! Well, good luck with the bday planning and the adjusting to the whole milk. It was a lot easier transition then I thought, it was just weird at 1st. We're so used to giving them a bottle at night, you know. Well, good luck :)


krista-lee - January 28

well my dd is only 8 months, but my public health nurse told me whole milk should replace forumla around the age of 1 when your lo eats 32 tbsp or more of pureed or mashed foods per day. So whenever your lo would want a bottle of formula, you give them whole milk instead.


jb - January 28

Shelly, yeah we do have gymboree's here. I have looked at their clothes and geez are they expensive! I have however heard only good thing about parties there. Krista, I know about the switching to whole milk, I was looking for sample schedules that mom's do with their lo's. I feel like my dd has been eating for 2 people ever since she started solids. She eats the same thing that we have for all 3 meals. On top of that she was getting bottles of formula. I think she was just to full from the meals to take the formula.


Erin1979 - January 28

So I was told that when they switch they should be eating more solids (which is where the vitamins are coming from). The milk is not as filling as the formula. When we did was a bottle in the morning with breakfast, juice throughout the morning, a sippy with milk with lunch, juice or water in the afternoon with a snack, juice, water (or if she didn't drink the milk with lunch, then milk) with dinner, and a bottle before bed. I want my dd off of the bottle by 18 months, so what I am doing, is each week I take away about 1 oz per bottle, per week. She's 17 months now. Try offering your LO food instead of a bottle. She'll start to realize that eating is more filling, and start to wean herself from the bottles. good luck!



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