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BreaunasMommy - January 30

does anyone do sc__pbooks? I think Im going to start doing it (even thought it will take me forever to get a whole book cause I am crazy busy lol) I made a sc__pbook for my dh a few years back of his cat that died from leukhemia but thats about it. So for those of you who do this are there any things that I will definitley need to get besides the obvious paper, stickers, cutouts, glue and a book.? any ideas would be great. Thanks


piratesmermaid - January 30

Get extenders, they come in a pack with the refill plastic 12X12 pages at walmart. I have used several extenders already on Gretchen's sc___pbook (it weighs like 10 lbs) and also it's nice to have the photo corners, you can get clear; get some "decorative" sissors, and a good pen/marker to write on your pages.


vonzo - January 30

Thats a good idea!!! We have a baby book for Amber but there aren't that many spaces for pictures, photos or other wee bits and bobs that are memorable so we've just put them in a box to keep. A book sounds great cause you can write wee stories to remind you about the item later on!! I may steal your idea BreaunasMommy :o)


Emmie - January 30

I always use baby magazines to cut up to use as decorations. You can cut out the fancy words like baby, burp and so on. To get started the easiest thing to do is to buy a sc___pbook kit. I love sc___pbooking-once you start you cant stop.


mcatherine - January 30

My kids don't have baby books - only sc___pbooks. In my childrens sc___pbooks I always include their horoscopes ( the If You Were Born Today ) and the headline from the newspaper on their birthday pages. You don't have to buy those. Also, I buy glitter paint pens and let my oldest help me decorate his newest page. The letters that I write to them (like before my 5 mo old was born and I write my oldest one the night before his birthday each year) and I stick them between the pages so they can find them later. I have photo corners and different scissors that I use. I use beads and sequins, but I get those at a craft store rather than the sc___pbooking section because they are cheaper. Have fun!


Dawn - January 30

I sometimes use wrapping paper for backgrounds, like birthdays and speacial occasions. It works out pretty cheap and looks great. Mcatherine, that is a great idea about the letters, and I wish that I had kept some newspaper from the day my daughter was born. An item that I can't live without now for my sc___pbooking is my quickutz hand tool and dies, there are pretty expensive but are great. There is also the Sizzix Machine and dies which are similar to Quickutz.


mandee25 - January 30

I am a novice at sc___pbooking. I am currently doing one for my ds's first year. I just work on it here and there as a new theme comes up. I think the next one will be "winter 2007" or something like that. I also have 3 different memory books to keep up to date. It's fun and I get a lot of my sc___pbooking supplies at the dollar stores.


mandee25 - January 30

mcatherine, I wrote my ds a letter when I first found out I was pregnant and put it in my sc___pbook as well as my birth story.


lexa - January 30

ooooh....I LOVE sc___pbooking!!! In addition to what you've named, you can use anything from ribbons, b___tons (never throw out b___tons off of old clothes anymore:-) You will be amazed at the stuff you have laying around your house that you can use. I love the glimmer gel pens! They look so pretty when you write stories. It can get to be quite the expensive hobby, but so well worth it! Glue dots work well if you don't want to use a glue stick. I love eyelets. They are only a couple of dollars (you don't get too much though or many varieties). If you belong to ebay, it sometimes pays to buy supplies on there. You can get a__sorted varieties of things cheaper than you would in the store. I probably saved hundreds doing it that way!!!


ash2 - January 30

i LOVE IT ! Right now i have done lots of my oldest son's , but i havent done anything for my youngest son yet....still working on it when i get time....Hey ! Do ya think i could hire a " nanny " to do it fo me " ?? ( Just kidding !! Just a little humor )


spongebob - January 30

real funny ash2 ... *yawn*


vonzo - January 30

*miaow* spongebob! This might sound like a really dumb question, but what kinds of things do you guys put in the sc___pbooks? Everyones going on about b___tons and glitter and loads of other cool accessories and i was just wondering what you did with them all? I'm not a very arty person so don;t want togo making a big blob that looks like my dd did it herself :o)


mcatherine - January 30

My favorite page in my oldest son's sc___pbook is one of his newborn pages. The page is bordered with the flowers I received when I gave birth to him. (obviously, I pressed and dried them and sprayed them so they would last..). The page is a collage of the cards that came with the flowers as well as the cards I received in the mail and from friends (cut, of course to fit). Everyone loves it! In my little one's book - one of the pages that has pictures of my/his shower have a few of the ribbons off the gifts that border the pictures. I have the b___tons from the outfit he wore on his first day home (not the one he wore home - no b___tons!!) on each corner of the picture of him wearing that very outfit. The first spoon he ate with is already hot-glued to a page, along with the label from the cereal and it looks really cute, different from what you normally see. Oh - and my oldest likes to do "The Year in "Review" in his book. I print of the thumbnail size pictures (tons and tons of them) and we glue them starting in one corner and go in a spiral until it ends in the middle with a 3x5 of the picture we take on New Year's Eve. Anyway - there are millions of different things you can do instead of just using card stock!


mcatherine - January 30

mandee - I love the letters. I even re-read them sometimes. My oldest says he can't wait until he can get his hands on that book so he can read what I have written! I wish I had something like that from my mother!!!


Elle - January 30

I love the idea of sc___pbooking and have a small fortune in supplies. The problem is I'm a perfectionist and can't stand imperfect things. I know it's ridiculous but how do I get over that? I'm a total beginner and I know nothing hand made is ever perfect. I have only done one page and my dd is 10 months old now! Help! BreaunasMommy, I hope you have better luck!


BreaunasMommy - January 31

Thanks for all the tips ladies I plan to go to the craft store this weeked and pick up some things to begin with.


Rabbits07 - January 31

I have a bag full of stuff that I've bought to do a sc___pbook for Mason but haven't started on it yet. Maybe it can be a mom/child project we can do together when Mason gets



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