Screaming 6 Month Old

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KrisD - February 25

My 6 month old has been screaming for days... Not like he is hurt but almost like he is doing it just to hear himself. It's a high pitched schrill scream. The first day I thought it was cute. Now I liken it to nails on a chalkboard. Is this normal behavior???


Grantsmom - February 25

My son does that! He is almost 3 months, and started a few days back. He does it when he gets mad. It's very un-nerving. I can feel my blood pressure rising when he does it.


Chelle - February 26

My daughter is almost 7 months and she does the same thing. She's been doing it for about a month now. She has been doing it a lot lately, most of the time it's just to hear herself for get a reaction from me. It's so cute most of the time, but when I have a headache (like this morning) it's like nails on a chalkboard, like KrisD said.


Jamie - February 26

My 6 month old did that for a while - I started screeching back at her; she would screech at me, and it became a game - then instead of screeching at her, I started fake-coughing at her. It took a few tries, but now instead of screeching, she fake-coughs. Much more pleasant on the ears!


Erin1979 - February 26

That's a good idea Jamie!! My 6 month old does it as well. I really think it is part of them learning how to use their voice, and you know they just love to hear themselves!! Sometimes it's cute.....but othertimes, wow! I think I'll have to try what Jamie has done....


mommy716 - February 27

Michael was like that when he started teething! he hated Oragel at first so I gave him a hot bath or Cold Water and it seemed to work


Andrews Mommy - February 27

OMG - so glad to hear all of you saying this!!!! My little guy is almost 7months and man he SCREAMS!!!!! He totally does it for the sound of it!!!! And exactly, high pitch - I dont know how it isnt hurting his ear drums!


KrisD - February 27

I'm glad I'm not the only one - thanks guys. I have just been eagerly awaiting the goo-goo ga-ga stage... I was getting a little nervous. And now the screams?? Oh well, guess I'll have to keep waiting...


Ca__sieSong - February 27

Are they screaming because they are mad or because they are having fun? Do they smile after they scream? just curious... it sounds kinda funny. hehe. Aria is 11 weeks and does high pitch sounds, but not screams... yet.


KrisD - February 27

It's funny - sometimes I can tell he is mildly amused, other times he looks completely serious... Like he will be rolling around in his walker screaming. And still other times I think he is upset... He does it just anytime, I guess.


EM - February 27

My son did this too around 6 months, luckily only for a short time. He's found other sounds to amuse himself. Just recently he learned to make a clucking sound with his tongue - it's soooo cute!


HANNAHs Mom - February 28

I have a 6 month screamer too! I think she is having fun figuring out all the new sounds she can make. Another cute thing she does....when she starts to nurse she whines like a little puppy until the milk lets cute.



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