Screaming Poops

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Tillie - June 21

My almost-3 week old daughter often SCREAMS when she's pooping. (Is there a more graceful way to say this?) I mean she screams until her face is bright red. This happens several times a day; sometimes she keeps crying for 10 or more minutes afterwards. I try to comfort her, but there doesn't seem to be much I can do. Should I worry? Or is it normal for a newborn to cry and scream on and off through the day from intestinal pushing?


Bonnie - June 21

Do you think she might be constipated? Is the poop soft and mush like peanut b___ter or more firm like meatloaf? (btw, I will never eat PB and meatloaf again, lol)


Tillie - June 22

Very mushy -- softer than pb. It doesn't seem like she's constipated, as her diapers are constantly dirty, but this screaming and discomfort (more than your typical "grunting") is sort of unnerving...


Jamie - June 22

A certain amount of screaming is normal at that age - she's learning to use the muscle, after all. Also, it's actually more difficult to pa__s soft poo than it is hard poo, because there's nothing to push against. When you know she's pooping, place something against her feet so she can have some leverage...or lift her knees to her chest to help her. I'd say if she doesn't outgrow it by the next well-baby check, mention it to your doctor.


pbj - June 22

I agree. Some screaming is totally normal especially when a normal bm comes out. The only time you will need to worry is if there is no bm after the screaming or if it is pellet-like and black.


ssmith - June 22

My daughter does that too. Mr Dr said that babies have "tight sphincters" and that makes it difficult for them to poop & fart. Also, I read that babies have to learn how to push properly....and relax their little bums at the same time. It's normal!!


Debi - June 22

Hi Tillie, Is she very red around her rectum? I don't know if you are using baby wipes, but you may want to just use a warm wet washcloth to wipe her bottom too. With all of that pooping her b___t may be sore too. If you really feel like she is in alot of pain, it's okay to call her doctor and see what they suggest too.


Bonnie - June 22

I have read also that some babies will scream. Mason bever did and is quite content to just there in it (eeew) if I don;t check him, lol. I would mention it to the ped though just to be sure everything is okay. I know when they are constipated you have to treat it right away as if they a__sociate pain with pooping they may hold onto it making it worse. That doesn't sound like the case for you. But better safe than sorry.


Tillie - June 22

Thank you all so much. Debi, she isn't particularly red around her rectum but I'll watch for that. I'm sure you're all right about her learning to use those muscles--it kills me how she looks at me with this pained face, though, like Mommy, DO SOMETHING! And of course...I can't. Except for the bicycle and pushing her feet with my hands. My doctor said b___stfed babies don't get constipated, and I exclusively b___stfeed, so I guess it's not that. I just hope this ends soon and she's more comfortable!


Nick - June 22

My baby was b___st fed the first month and formula fed after that, but he has always screamed when pooping; no matter how soft or hard. My doctor thinks that the few times that he is constipated allows him to a__sociate pain with pooping everytime. At his 9 month check up she put him on Glycolax powder once a day in his bottle. It has helped, because he has not had a screaming fit in weeks, though now I don't know as soon as he messes his diaper. The doctor said that he will be on it until his 1 year check up.


olivia - June 22

Tilly, sometimes this can be an indication of a problem. Have you checked with her doctor? I am only concerned because bf babies usually have very soft poop, so it is a little unusual for it to be painful. I'd have it checked out. There are some common causes that your doctor could at least rule out.



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