See The Infamous Pics

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Rabbits07 - June 17

I finally got my pics from Olan Mills.....YAY! Everybody can see them at our family website: *no dashes if they appear* On the homepage click on 'Mason's Studio Pics' and you're there. I'm very pleased w/ the photos. They ALMOST make up for the c__ppy customer service:-)


Rabbits07 - June 17

I figured since everyone listened to me whine about them the least I could do was share them!


Annette - June 17

Hey, Rabbits! I am SOOOO glad you got´em, especially knowing what you went through for them. I am glad you shared them and they (in my opinion) seem to be worth the ha__sle. Mason is a little prince. I am currently waiting for my son´s 3 months ´pics.... they were taken month and a half ago, go figure... ok, ok, that was Wal Mart, but still. Anyway, I am glad it all had a happy ending and I hope it will just be a bad experience and it won´t stop you from getting baby´s studios. Cheers!


Bonnie - June 17

Awww too cute Rabbits. I love his hair! ;)


SonyaM - June 17

Oh how sweet. Seeing a new baby like him makes me want to have another one so bad. My Mason is already over 8 months old and it has gone so quickly. I love the thought of having another baby but not being pregnant again. That was pure hell, both times!!!


momster - June 17

great pics and great piczo site rabbits07... he's beautiful!


mama3 - June 18

Your boy is sooooo adorable!!!! I love what you did with the care bears. That was awsome.


TinaMarie - June 18

Awww! They were worth the wait! Absolutely beautiful!


HannahBaby - June 18

They came out beautiful,,,hes so dang cute!! Did you get any free pics of even an apology for your troubles??


Rabbits07 - June 18

Nope. No apologies and no free pics. Actually, they didn't even send any extra poses for me to choose from if I decided to purchase like I was told they would. I am going to write a complaint letter to the customer service principal at their main office (I found the address for her online). Because while I really like the portraits and think they turned out great, the customer service was so bad that I just don't think I will go back there again. Annette, I had my children's Christmas pics taken at Wal-Mart and they turned out wonderful. Everyone kept asking where I had them done at and when I told them Wal-Mart they couldn't believe it. I think alot of it is the photographer and not so much the studio when it comes to the 'style' of the photo.


Camilla - June 18

Rabbits, they are really lovely pics. Your son is incredibly cute!!


Rabbits07 - June 18

Thanks everyone...I wish I could say that he takes after me ;-)



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