Selective Vaccinations

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Canada - May 9

Hi, I've been doing alot of reading and researching on the vaccination topic lately because I am trying to decide what to do for my baby. I've held off till now (she is 9 months), but am thinking I want to give her a few vaccinations starting at her next appointment. I just finished reading the Dr. Sears book which was really helpful and I am thinking I am going to go with giving her DTaP and Pc right now and I'm still unsure about to do with the MMR. Anyways, my question is if you only gave a few vaccines, which did you give and why. I know this is a pretty contraversial (sp?) subject, but it is always good to hear other people's opinions. Thanks


javidsgirl - May 9

i read alot about vaccines as well and did some research by taling to difference a__socations and professionals and i stand by my belief iwould rather choose to vaccinate my dd then to have to a coffin because i didnt


Jenn - May 9

Hi, you need to get your child vaccinated-they are very important I would start as soon as possible since she is 9 months and already missed some.


maryg - May 9

We're delaying/selectively vaccinating and we've read the Dr Sears book too (love it and recommend it to everyone!). We've done exhaustive amounts of research on this and we feel very good about our decision. I should mention that our daughter is b___stfed and not in daycare. She's 8 mo old and has literally never been ill. Anyway, we waited until 6 months and are now giving Hib and Dtap because they are both highly recommended for infants and are not high-risk vaccines. We requested the brands with the fewest additives/aluminum/mercury contents. That's all we're going to do for now. We are not giving any of the shots that are not required for school (many shots on the schedule are merely recommended). We intend to have her fully caught up by school age, we're just spacing the shots out. I haven't decided about the MMR--I'm hoping that because of all the controversy and to allay parental fears, the pharm industry will clean up the shot before we have to decide!


Canada - May 10

Thanks guys, I have already made the decision to skip some vaccines, but I appreciate the advice. Maryg, it was good to hear how you guys are doing it since you are doing something similar. My daughter is also b___stfed and not in daycare and I am also going to try and request certain brands of vaccines thanks to the info. Dr. Sears gives.


Gretta - May 10

I fully vaccinated my dd according to schedule until the MMR which I am delaying until 18 mos +. Thats the one that worries me the most.


maryg - May 10

Here's our plan.We'll add polio, chick pox and Hep B sometime before school age: 6 months: start Dtap—Tripedia BRAND ONLY 7 months: Hib started—ActHIB BRAND ONLY 8 months: second series of Dtap 9 months: second series Hib 10 months: third series Dtap 11 months: third series Hib 4 years: MMR--only if no t_ters for immunity Reason to refuse/delay: not serious illnesses but want rubella protection for Josephine’s childbearing years, controversial vaccine so we’re hoping to minimize potential side effects 5 years: boosters for DtaP--only if no t_ters for immunity 12 years: Tdap We're not doctors though! This is just what we decided we felt comfortable with.


Val - May 11

Hi... we're also following the Sears book suggestions for the most part, especially about reducing the load of aluminum the baby gets in the vaccines. We started with DTaP at 6 months, Hib at 8 months, DTap at 9 months, and will probably combine the 2 at the12 month appt. We were planning to alternate the shots every month, but ds has had several mild colds, and I won't take him for vaccs if he's at all sick. After 12 months, we'll probably do Hep A, and maybe PC and mumps, and finish the DTaP and Hib series. We're putting off the polio, chicken pox and Hep B vaccines indefinitely. This has definitely been one of the most difficult decisions to make as a parent (and one that's not made easier by insensitive people who mention coffins in the same sentence as vaccinations), but I felt really strongly that there hasn't been enough research to prove that injecting young babies with as many chemicals, biological substances, etc. as are in vaccines is safe for them. I think it's probably safe for most, but I didn't want to find out the hard way that my baby is the exception, especially since I have issues with allergies, and I know that it can be hereditary. Anyway, good luck as you make your decisions...


javidsgirl - May 11

i guess you never seen a lifeless child laying in a coffin or mother go crazy and end up in a mental hospital because they werent vaccinated and died form a prevenable disease if that makes insseitive then fine i am children are a precious resourse i believe they should be proctected after the risk out way death anyday. i am sorry Canada for this but i speak on behalf of my little cousin because he can no longer do it himself


ROBYN - May 11

Remember if you decide not to vaccinate your children good luck getting them into school without some really good reason and not because i didnt want to wont be a good enough reason. I have a 9 year old and 11 week old. And if you dont have any other children when they are in school for the first few years they want proof every year your children have had all the necessary vaccines to go into school. My 11 week old has already started his vaccines and has no reacations to them whatsoever he didnt even cry. Think about the future not just the moment because most of these diseases are no longer around because of children that were vaccinated.


maryg - May 11

javidsgirl--that was not very nice. I think everyone has to make the decisions that they are comfortable with. I'm making choices that I hope will make my child SAFER. No one here is anti-vaccination, but do your research and you will find that this is not an all or nothing proposition. There are many in-betweens. None of the vaccinations that we are refusing are for fatal illnesses, and the rest of the vaccinations are being spread out--not refused. Also, NO VACCINE OFFERS 100% PROTECTION FROM ANY ILLNESS. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and would never make light of it--please don't make light of other's people's attempts to protect the children they love!


maryg - May 11

Robyn--again, do your research. Many of the vaccines are recommended, not required and it's possible to spread out the shots differently and still meet the school requirements. Additionally, it's quite easy and inexpensive to get a religious expemtion for those few people who want to refuse some/all the shots. Please read The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears. It has valuable information even for those dedicated to fully vaccinating. Dr Sears, nor anyone on this thread from what I can tell, is ANTI-VACCINATION.


javidsgirl - May 11

ok maryg i am not very nice because i dont want a mother to lose thier child i have seen the pain in a mothers eyes i am so sorry that i care sooo much about your children if i could i would protect them all so that makes me in the wrong ok i am wrong


Canada - May 11

Wow, I think I opened a can of worms! Javidsgirl, I am also very sorry for your loss. I understand the importance of vaccinations. Like Val said it is not an easy decision for parents to make. Robyn I realize that there are requirements to go to school. I may get more vaccinations for my daughter later on like Maryg was talking about, but at this point after doing the reading I have I am only going to get a couple and we'll take it one step at a time. By the way, just as a side note, I think all of us care deeply about our children and take the decisions we make concerning them seriously so just because people choose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate doesn't mean they care any less about their children. That is also something I appreciated about the book by Dr. Sears is that is is understanding of both sides and the concerns that go along with each. Anyways that's just my two cents.


Val - May 12

Javidsgirl, I'm sorry for your cousin, and I'm sure that you are just trying to prevent that from happening to anyone else. And I know that those of us in the 1st world are lucky to even have the option of vaccinating our children. I'm certainly not anti-vaccine, I'm just against one-size-fits-all policies and recommendations that don't take into account the diverse physical make-up of our kids. And I have a hard time believing that injecting tiny babies with as many substances that are in vaccines might not have some sort of long-term health repercussions for at least a percentage of those children. How is it that their digestive systems can't handle anything but milk/formula for the 1st 4-6 months, but somehow their immune/neurologic systems are expected to handle aluminum, formaldehyde, cow serum, antibiotics, etc.? I certainly wouldn't criticize anyone for vaccinating their children, but I think that a lot more research should be done into the safety of multiple vaccinations at a young age, and into the use of other ways of testing immunity (such as t_tering antibodies). In the meantime, I'll continue to space out the timing of my child's vaccines.


ROBYN - May 12

I want to apologize if i came off too harsh i NEVER start any drama on these threads so i wanted to say that. MARYG - I already knew about the religious reasons for not vaccinating i also knew about spreading them out also and Dr Sears book. I do beleive personally that i would be doing more harm then good by not vaccinating my new baby. I just didnt know if people were aware that you couldnt just vaccinate and send your kids to school or camp in the future. You had to have good reasons and like you mentioned it does seem that people on here are not anti-vaccine just spreading them out. I wish you all luck it whatever decisions you make.


ROBYN - May 12

I meant to say couldnt just not vaccinate sorry for typos.



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