Self Feeding Lazy Baby

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June Bride - January 25

We started feeding our dd solids at 6 months old so she is slightly delayed at eating solids. Now, at 9 months she is starting to gum noodles and cooked vegetables. The problem? She doesn't know how to feed herself - she wants us to place the food in her mouth (she looks like a little bird). Is this normal? How can I get her to feed herself?


Emily - January 25

I have the oposite problem with my 7mos old, she wants to feeed herslef which is great for finger foods, not soe great for the baby food and cereal....I say keep trying, eventually she will get hte hang of it.


ashtynsmom - January 25

She may just need more practice. Does she have the pincer grasp down yet? If not, work with her by using puffs, veggies, etc... things she really likes. My dd was the opposite and as soon as she knew she could feed herself, she would push the spoon away from me if I was feeding her.


Rabbits07 - January 25

Lie ashtynsmom mentioned work on the pincer grasp if she hasn't quite gotten it yet. One good way is to hold something the puffs or a the pincer grasp yourself and let your dd look at it. More than likely she will look a minute and then make an attempt to take it from you and she'll have to use the pincer grasp to do this. Also, work with her by putting cheerios or puffs on her high chair tray and take turns picking them up and putting them in your mouth. Babies learn alot by copying so if she sees you doing it then she'll most likely try to imitate you at some point.


rl- - January 25

my ds can feed himself finger foods but I still feed him his reg food when he starts trying to take the spoon I will let him do it for himself which I am sure wont be long he is a year old now and my others started wanting to do it themselves at around that age LOL messy times LOL!!


June Bride - January 25

Thanks ladies - I appreciate your help! Tomorrow we will play copy-cat since she doesn't have the pincer grasp down pat. She just smashes the food when I put it on her tray - then looks down at her hand with a funny look. She has just started to really watch my dh and I eat so maybe it is just a wait and see process. Thanks again for all of your suggestions!



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