Self Soothing Skill

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lin7604 - February 16

how do you get them to self soothe? what are they besides thumb sucking? my ds is 16 weeks and still doesn't know how to self soothe.


Nita_ - February 16

my dd is 7 months and still doesn't know self soothing. of course I never tried! LOL!


aurorabunny - February 16

Don't take self-soothing advice from Nita, she is BABY SPOILER!!! LOL...J/k Nita, that's what my dad calls me for picking up Brody when he's whining =)~ Lin IMO that's not old enough to be able to self soothe, but that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. I've never been wrong before, but there's a first time for everything. Kidding again...I'm just full of it this morning....


eclipse - February 16

My lo learned spontaneously and usually sucks on his hands. He does flip out though, and sometimes a pacifier is needed if he gets cranked, but overall, he just sort of did it himself. I would love to tell you that I helped him, I just helped him find his hands a few times. He is 12 weeks.


Cookie - February 16

my lo will be 10 weeks on monday...and she found her hands on her own...sometimes she just doesn't want to settle, then we pick her up for snuggles...but when we put her down at night, she may fuss for a few minutes but settles down and goes right to sleep...good luck :-))


^lucy^ - February 16

lol aurorabunny u cracked me up :p "baby spoiler" hehe im that too :p lin7604 i believe they are still a bit young to self sooth at that age but u might try a paci if u like it... i never used it though.. and i dont like my dd to suck her thumb.. poor baby :p


Nita_ - February 16

How dare you call me a baby spoiler aurorabunny/Katie!! LOL! I'mguilty as charged! No wonder Neha doesn't know what it means to self soothe! LOL!


spamanda - February 16

My ds sucks on his thumb/hand, but he also likes to hold onto the cloth diapers we use as burp cloths, lol. Sometimes he sticks them in his mouth, but mostly he likes to hold them up by his head. If he's fussy at night when he's going to sleep, we'll let him cuddle with a burp cloth and then once he falls asleep, we sneak it away from him. (I'm scared to death of sids, a good friend lost her baby, so I don't leave anything in the crib overnight...) That being said, last night ds discovered the waterproof pad we had underneath him, and used _that_ to soothe himself -- he had it bunched up like a blanket! I wondered why he slept so long! lol. My ds is 5 months, he didn't really start soothing himself til about 4 months.


piratesmermaid - February 17

Gretchen found her bottom lip around 4months and sucked on that to self sooth. She did better with self soothing then then she does now, gosh darn it. ;)


SuzieQ - February 17

I think it's around 4 mos you introduce a teddy or blanket for lo's to cuddle up to. My dd is 4 1/2 mos and I gave her a super soft teddy to have in her crib. She still gets "spoiled" though! I pick her up when she cries and everything. However, at night, I know she'll fuss for a few minutes (not crying) and will go back to sleep on her own occa__sionaly :)


lexa - February 17

Aurorabunny, youre too much, LOL!!! Well Lin, I wish I had advice for you, but Im sorry to say I don't. I pick my lo up for everything (I know, thats bad)! I don't give her time to self soothe and she will probably never cio! I know, Im going to be in trouble later. Well, I did it with my son and he turned out fine (there, I'll use that line that our mothers use on how they raised us.....what a crock)! hehe


flower.momma - February 17

My son goes to town on his hands. He just sits there trying to stuff both of them in his mouth and slurping and drooling like a madman. Cutest thing EVER!



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