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luviduvi - March 7

Well, with all the ladies on here that have IUD's have been raising the thought that I could get pregnant on mine. Although I feel for those of you have gotten pregant and then miscarried, I happen to be okay with it if it happens to me. I hope I never experience such a situation however, I am a realist. It also raises the reality of becoming pregnant and not miscarry. I CAN NOT have any more children. I suffer from a blood disorder when I am pregnant that brings my platelet level dangerously low, which means, I can bleed out due to not clotting. My obgyn has specifically told my twice any more would be against his medical advice. With each preg. the platelets get lower and lower. This last preg. I was seeing a specialist b/c I was at such high risk. I could recieve a blood transfusion if needed by obgyn said even though the blood is tested it can still carry disease and he tries to avoid them at all costs. What would I do? NOTE: I am not preg. nor do I think I am preg. If I get preg. again would I take the chance of having the baby and running the risk of dying? What about the two children I have? What would I do? PLEASE take this thread with sensitivity. This is NOT a debate for me. I am very concerned and need some helpful and SENSITIVE discussion.


Felisha - March 7

i dont think i understand what you are asking. but i do agree that if it is a risk to you life to be pregnant again then avoid it at all costs and take care of the 2 babies you have already been blessed with good luck to you


SonyaM - March 7

I am not sure I understand your questions either but I'll try to answer. If you are worried about getting pregnant on the IUD and a pregnancy would be life threatening for you then I suggest your DH get snipped or you could get your tubes tied. I don't think I would trust the IUD, pill, patch or whatever if a pregnancy could put my life at risk.


Renea - March 7

Wow--this really is a sensitive issue--but it also brings out the Christian in me too. I have had 4 wonderful kids, all c-section, and had my tubes tied with the last one---per my doctor's advice and my own desire also. However, I feel that if God were to bless me with another little baby, then that is just what I will deal with--my plans are not always his plans! My husband and I have had this discussion right before the birth of our 3rd child. We both feel that if my life would be in jeopary carrying a child, the child would take precedence. Now if we knew that there was absolutely no posiitive way that the child would survive and that if I carried it, that I would die too, then we would have to talk some more. It is a hard decision to make, especially when there are other children involved. I think you have to really think about how you would feel in a situation if you were to conceive..or miscarry. Many women miscarry without even knowing they were pregnant, but to know you were preg. and that you miscarried due to a IUD, how would you feel about that. If you know that you SHOULD NOT/CAN NOT have any more children, then why not a more permanent solution? Just a question--not trying to debate.


Emily - March 7

If I were you I would concider another or maybe more permanant form of bc. I could never chose to end a pregnancy myslef so if it were me I would probably let mey hubby get fixed as he is concidereing it now. We have decided to wait a few years to be sure we are done. If you have a condition that would make it dangerous for you to have another child, wouldnt if be just as dangerous to get pregnant and miscarry? These are your questions to answer. If I were in your shoes I would def check into more permanant forms of bc. I have expereinced a m/c (not related to an IUD as I have never had one) and I could not do that again. So I have chose not to get an IUD. I will use a diff kind of bc when teh time comes (currently I am bf and using the mini pill, I will look into something different when I stop b___stfeeding....) good luck to you and I hope you can find an answer you can live with


Rabbits07 - March 7

In your situation I think I would definitely be using a more permanent and reliable method of b/c. I am actually surprised that your ob would even have suggested/approved an IUD in a case such as yours where pregnancy is not only definitely unwanted but very dangerous. I think as Sonya said in her post that you and dh both getting snipped would be an excellent choice. Those are procedures that are considered permanent and while I've heard of people getting preg with one or the other I've never heard from both (still a rare possibility I suppose though). In any case, if my life were in jeopardy and I were trying to keep from getting pregnant I would definitely be using something other than the IUD. Actually, I would probably be so paranoid as to have dh and I both snipped and use another form of b/c on top of that.


luviduvi - March 7

I understand exactly what you are all saying. Renea, I know you were just asking a question : ). I too, would feel blessed with another child. It is not AT ALL a matter of not WANTING another child. (not that I thought any of you were saying that, just wanted to clear it up) Emily, to answer your question about a miscarrage being dangerous, the further along you are in a pregnany the further your platelets drop. Every pregnant womans platelets drop during the preg. and continue to do so. Mine just get low. The average person has anywhere from 150,000 to 400,000 platelets. Mine are like 50 and keep dropping. That is how serious it is. We have discussed getting my tubes tied, the problem is that I suffer from extreme menstrual bleeding and abdomial cramping. Doc didn't feel that it may be the best choice. As far a dh getting a vasectomy, he won't do it. And don't worry, I am mad as hell over it. I don't feel that ending a preg. by choice is a choice, but, what about my children now and the one I would have with the current preg? Again, not preg, just a hypothetical...I would leave 3 children behind w/o a mother. Geesh, the reason I won't get on a plane to fly away on a trip with my dh is b/c I am afraid of leaving the two I got behind......I am not even sure why I am asking. I have just been thinking of it a lot lately. For those of you with your tubes tied, how bad are your periods and cramping. Mine have been bad enough in the past I would miss work and school.


luviduvi - March 7

By the way, I appreciate your maturity and sensitivity to the thread, this is not a thread for a reigious debate or a abortion debate, I do not like that word : (. I don't mind if people include religion or the "a"word I just don't want it debated. This was a hard thread for me to post as I had already knew where it might lead and make me look. I have never thought "a" was a choice for me as I am certainly no one to judge someone for doing so. I ask that everyone look down upon me for my decisions and discussions.....I need advice not opinions


luviduvi - March 7

Ha! I meant NOT look down on me!!! Please don't do as I asked in above post Heehee


Lchan - March 7

If pregnancy could possibly kill you, why don't you consider getting your tubes tied? There is a chance the tubes could regenerate and you'd become pregnant, but drs can tie your tube back on itself AND cauterize the end which makes this virtually impossible.


Renea - March 7

luviduvi---I have only had one period since having my tubes tied--and I b___stfeed. I have talked to 2 other close friends of mine about this as they have had theirs tied too. One said that hers hasn't changed. The other said that hers was a little different. I think everyone is different--each pregnancy made mine different too. I wasn't trying to bring religion into it for a debate--just was stating my view--and it just happens to be from a christian side. I think if my dh wouldn't get snipped, and he knew that there was a chance of losing me due to a pregnancy, I wouldn't be giving him any loving =)


luviduvi - March 7

Renea, I never feel that you have any need to defend yourself and I completely agree with you to. It is my religous belief as well. I also am a firm believer that medicine only takes you so far then comes God. I should just respect that I am in good hands. --did I just bring religion in?--ha ha, well, as long as it is not being debated I don't mind :-). Also, I think that is why dh doesn't want to get fixed. It is a way to get rid of the beast w/o having to pay child support and alimony! HA HA! Renea, I am just learning to use myspace...that is why I haven't commented back. Thank you for the compliments and I will be posting more. I also wanted to let you know how lovely I think your family is as well. My mom had four of us and wanted more. I love big families. How do you manage to keep house? Looked like you do a very good job!!!


Emily - March 8

luviduvi, if you doc is woried abotu periods, he can control those somewhat with bc after you would get your tubes tied. Birth control with your tubes tied may sound funny but hormonal bc oftern lighten your periods and make them less painful. I was on bc in high school for that reason. I have always had horribel periods so bad as you said I would miss school, work, or shool activities like ballgames and clubs becasue fo them. As for your hubby refusing to get snipped, no offence but he seems to be acting like an arogant a__s........does he not realize the risks of getting pregnant again......I think I would be more p__sed about that than worrying abotu getting pregnant again....(not that you dont have a valid wory)



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