Sepatation Problems

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Angelina - August 30

I was at a beatuy salon yesterday getting my husbands hair cut and he mentioned to the barber how it has always been a real intrest to get in that kind of business since i can do alot with hair and the guy introduced me to this lady who could help me get a grant so i could attend school in Cosmotology.I thought this would be great for me but the problem is i have an 18 month old at home and im 8 months pregnant.I will attend school from 5:30 pm to 10pm on week days and it will last for 19 months until i graduate.I get a maternity leave and my mom has aggreed to take me back and forth and watch the babys but im not sure if its a good idea anymore.I would love to have a career but i dont want my children to feel left out.Could this affect my relationship between my toddler and my other child once he is born?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 30

I am a liscensed Cosmotologist. I graduated from school in March and had my baby in May. I started working in June. For me it was not worth being away from my daughter. If I were you I would at least go to school. Where do you live? Why will it take you 19 months? Mine was done in 12 months. We have to have 1500 hours here. Anyway, what I am getting at, is once you have your liscense, it is very hard to build a client list. I was sitting there day to day sometimes only doing one haircut or color, other days I would be very busy. If I were you though, I would go to school and then maybe just work one or two days a week starting out. Try to build your clients while in school. See if you can find a salon early on so you can start telling clients where you will be. Anyway, what i am saying (for real this time!) is I do not think it will hurt the relationship between you and your children, but if you are like me then it was not worth me being away from her for the little amount of money I was bringing home. By the way I am going back to school in May to get my instructors liscense to work at a school to teach Cosmo! Good luck.


Kathryn - August 31

I went back to work when my son was eight weeks old. My mom watches him while I work. Don't get me wrong, I love that my mom watches him but, I think she has him a little too much. She told me she was going to pack him up and move him in with her (joking I think). I wish that I was the one raising my son. My husband wants me to go back to school but there is no way right now that I will do. I know for me it is not the best decision. You need to weigh your options. Good Luck!!


Angelina - August 31

Its going to take me 19 months because im going to be attending night cla__ses.If i were to go during the day it would only be 12 months but i only have a baby sitter at night.I will also have to complete 1500 hours. It has always been an intrest for me though.I talked to the lady and she said that it would only be 4 days a week from 5:45pm to 10pm.Then on fridays and Saturdays i can make u any hours i missed because i had to leave early.I know it wont be the highest paying job but its better then working at Mc Donalds or at some Diner.



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