Seperation Problems

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Wellis10 - March 12

My lo is going to bw 4 months shortly....he has got to the point where he crys bloody murder if he doesn't see me. I can't leave him for one scond to do the dishes or anything. Right now I am playing on the computer and I had him sitting in a chair beside me......That wasn't good enough. He wants to see my face. I have to face him. So I had to put him in my arms to play on the computer. I don't usually hold him alot or spoil him in that way....but in the past 2 weeks it's been awful. I can't get anything done. Does anyone know what might be causing this. Once I pick him up or turn and talk to him his fine. Smiling and laughing. I have tryed to put him in front of toys....he doesn't want toys he wants me!!! What am I going to do I stop this. I have let him cry but he doesn't stop...and I mean he does not stop. Help


melissa g. - March 12

well.....I kinda think that while obviously you cant hold your baby 24/7, 4 months is still very young and they go thru phases where all they want is Mama, and is that so unreasonable? I dont think holding a child spoils them -- isnt that what we're supposed to be doing with our kids? If picking him up and talking to him makes him happy, do it! The dishes in my sink often have to be done towards the end of the day b/c I can either pay attention to my baby, or stick her somewhere and do chores. I choose to pay attention to my baby and let the chore go until later! Does he like an Exersaucer yet? Mine started using one at 4 months or so and she LOVED it, and it gave her something to do so that I could actually do something else for a little bit! I think you are going to have to ride out this phase, hopefully he'll go thru this early and then maybe separation anxiety wont be so bad later!


Wellis10 - March 12



Steph - March 12

I completely agree with melissa. Four months is way to young to be spoiled from being held. I found that a Snugli or a sling really helped with the first four/five months because of their constant need to be held and the fact that we've got to get some housework done! They're not little for very long! :o)



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