September Babies

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jacksonsmommy - March 1

My son was born on Sept 28 and just turned 5 months yesterday. Wanted to compare his milestones with other 5 month babies. He is smiling, laughing, and rolling over. He also sucks on his fist all the time. He's not sitting up by himself yet or reaching out his arms to be picked up. Any other milestones he should be doing by now? Also, he's eating cereal and veggies. Please share. Thanks.


Erynn21 - March 1

My dd was born Sept . 11 and is doing all of those things, plus a few more, she does reach and has for about a month, she can sit una__sisted for about a minute. We also have been using baby signs with her for water, eat, milk, she smiles at the one she wants. She is eating cereal, veggies, and fruit, I also give her a mesh bag with fruit of rice crackers, she loves those things. Oh yeah and she wants to stand all the time, no sitting, but she's been like that since she was like 6 weeks old, the girl hates to sit.


vonzo - March 1

My dd was born 24/09 and can roll over from back to front, smile, laugh, babble, say dadada wawawa and so on :o), she loves to stand up too, can sit unaided for a minute or so but sometimes it can be quite hunched over. She loves fruit, veg, porridge and rice and has the odd taste of what we're eating if its suitable. She loves playing with her toys and can pick them up and rattle them, she also sucks on anything she can get her little mits on too :o)


firstbabe - March 1

My dd was born Sept 26. We only have her on rice cereal right now. Oh my goodness, my little one can go onto her side, but has not rolled over yet. Am I doing something wrong?



Dd was born Sept 16th, she giggles and is sitting una__sisted, she rolls and rolls and rolls. Shw is still not eating any solids. Babbles a lot but no actual words yet. She is trying to crawl, I see her trying to push her bum up in the air but her belly is still touching the floor. She also reaches for my food when I eat but ped said no solids till 6 months for us. She will take her socks off and suck on them LOL.


tryingx3 - March 1

My dd was born on 9/17...she is a TALKER - not sure what all she is saying, but she has a LOT to say. She has started the bad habit of waking up in the wee hours of the morning to talk/sing! Some cereal off and on...but no foods for us until 6 mo either. I did put veggies on the shopping list so I can start working them in. My dd is still under the 15lb mark, still bf baby. Doesn't "eat" a lot at a time, like sometimes only takes 2 oz of her bottle. Anyone else? NOT sleeping at night -never has.


tryingx3 - March 1

firstbabe - my dd HAS rolled over but is not doing it consistently...babies just do this on their own time...just offer her floor time and belly time and she will do it in her own time. Sunday my dd rolled over 3 times and hasn't done it since. Anyone with teeth? I keep thinking we are close, but nothing yet.



no teeth here, even though she has been teething since 3 1/2 months. I also think we are close but nada yet.


tryingx3 - March 1

I thought we were teething around that time too, but nothing.


firstbabe - March 1

No teeth, but I would swear shes teething right now!!


Alison - March 2

My daughter Grace was born on 16th September and smiles, laughs and chuckles and squeals with delight ;-) and b__ws raspberries! She tries to roll over but doesn't quite make it all the way over and ends up on her side looking up behind her! She chews toys and her hands and grabs at anything and everything within reach trying to touch/feel everything (pulls our gla__ses off and holds them lol!) She can't sit up for longer than a few seconds on her own yet but she has a very strong neck and always has. She makes lots of sounds when she's in a "chatty" mood! She is on pureed fruit and veggies and enjoying them. Oh yeah and if you hold Grace on your knee standing on her legs she's quite steady too and when she's getting her nappy changed she grabs her feet and pulls them to her mouth! All babies do things at their own pace though and every baby is different. I find it hard not to compare Grace with other babies and think "oh should she be doing this cos other babies are?" but I try not to do that as she'll do things when she's ready :-) It's fun to read about everyone elses LO's the same age though especially reading of other babies born the same day! Lots of fun :-)


Erynn21 - March 2

I forgot a couple things, my dd babbles and talks almost incessantly she also has had 2 teeth since 3.5 months, and last night she pretty much sat up by herself. She also started sucking her lip, that is a little weird.


Alison - March 3

Wow Erynn 2 teeth at 3.5 months! Grace has been teething for a month or two but only has white hard lumps in her gums no teeth have come through yet - they seem to cause her pain but don't seem in a hurry to just come out and get it over with lol! She is very brave though I keep telling her :-)


spamanda - March 4

Hey ladies -- my son was born Sept. 15th. He's rolling over all the time now, he "chats" with us but doesn't say any actual words, and he's starting to want to sit. We only just started cereal this last week -- it was wonderfully unsuccessful, lol. Other than that he's only had b___stmilk. He reaches and holds things very well, and he wants to move but can't figure out how to crawl, lol. Most nights he's only getting up once to eat (goes down at 10ish, wakes up around 2, then sleeps til 5:30/6 when I get up for work). He is amazing, this is such a great stage in a baby's life... I love watching his curious little personality come out! So when is/has everyone started REAL (as in not cereal) baby food?


jenrodel - March 4

ds was born 9/29. He smiles and laughs all the time, rolls from tummy to back, and almost from back to tummy, just always leaves his arm in the way! He can sit una__sisted, but topples sideways sometimes! He can pick up his soother and put it in his mouth, all of his toys as well. He tries to crawl when on his belly and actually gets his knees up! He hugs around your neck when you pick him up, looks when you call his name, screeches LOUDLY all the time, babbles to us and his toys... wow. I can't believe how far he's come in 5 short months...


carol23 - March 4

Hello ladies, my son was born Sept. 13th so he's at about the 5 1/2 month mark. He's still waking up about 2 to 3 times a night to eat, other than that, he usually sleeps well through the night. He sits up with a little a__sistance and he can stand while holding onto something but only for a few seconds before he tries to sit down and I catch him. He can babble forever, and he screams when I take a toy away. He eats cereal very well, and I've tried to give him different kids of baby food and the only one he likes is sweet potatoes. Oh and he LOVES pears and bananas. He also tries to grab everything near him, including my food while I'm eating, so there's been times when he knocks my whole plate down to the floor. I LOVE THIS



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