September Mommies

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vonzo - January 21

I was just wondering how you and your lo's are all getting on. I don't see many September mummy's left on here....are you all hiding? xx


EMBERBABY - January 21

Hey vonzo, my baby's bday is 9/16/06. She loves her swing (I am afraid she is going to outgrow that thing) She spends hours on her jumperoo. She is only on formula for now but tomorrow we have her pediatrician appt and hopefully start us on cereal. She giggles a lot and rolls over but no crawling yet. She has also been teething but no teeth yet. What about your lo?


meg - January 21

my ds was born 9/10. He also loves his's the only place he'll sleep at night! He loves to roll from his back to his tummy, but then gets made because he doesn't really enjoy being on his tummy! He's a very happy baby, lots of smiles, & lots of drool! He also loves to b__w bubbles & make noises w/ his lips!


drea - January 22

meg, my lo makes noises with her lips also (probably b/c dh and I always do that to her). She was born on 9/26. She is also very happy, smiling, giggling and making lots of funny sounds. No rolling over yet though. She is almost there. She make it about half way and then gives up. She has tons of drool and tries to get her whole fist in her mouth along with anything else she can manage to stuff in there. Hope you and your lo's are doing well. Doesnt it seem like yesterday we were all on the third trimester board saying how we couldnt wait til our lo's were here. I cant believe its been 4 mos already. :-)


jillianT - January 22

hello ladies. dd was born 09/13. i can't believe how big she's getting. she loves her exersaucer and her jumperoo. we put her in front of the hallway mirror and i swear she could entertain herself there for hours just jumping and gigling at herself. she isn't rolling over yet either...she does the same thing axs drea's lo...tons of drool and tons of smiles...i can't wait until spring so i can get her outdoors a bit. drea... i know just what you mean about it seeming like yesterday. i'm already starting to get the urge for another little one (pretty funny for a person who started out wanting one and only one child) but then i remember how utterly miserable i was those last few months and i decide we can wait awhile before we try for another. does anyone remember SMILEFUL from the 3rd tri boards or know what she's up to? she was due right around the same time as us.


firstbabe - January 22

Hello little girl was born on September 26, 2006. Her name is Jacey Ann... I had to have a c-section because she was breech. This is my first child so everything is new to me. We have retired her swing and have recently set up her jolly jumper as she loves to sit up (holding her) and standing. We think shes teething, but unlike yours, shes not rolling over....she hates tummy time!! We have her also on formula as I did not have enough milk...Today she has discovered how to "scream" and loves to hear herself!! I would love to keep talkign with you all....I would like to share pics but am unsure how.


readytobaby - January 22

EMBERBABY, out lo's have the same birthday!! September 16th! Cooper also loves his swing but not as much as he used to, he likes just being held while we're walking around and loves looking out the window at the snow. He has been eating rice cereal for one month already (pedi recommended because of really bad reflux) and loves it! Squeels with delight, but we still have to work to get those adorable laughs out of him. Still waking up once through the night for a bottle. My lo also hates tummy time so i've kyboshed it.... hope everyones having as much fun as we are!


EMBERBABY - January 23

hey readytobaby, cool!!!


vonzo - January 24

hey, glad everyone and their lo's are doing well :o) smileful had her baby the day before or the same day as me i think. We both had posterior babies although she was lucky enough to have time for an epidural LOL. Well Amber was born 24/9 and i can't believe how big she is. She's rolled over both ways but only twice from front to back and once back to front (and i missed it D'oh!) She started rice cereal this week and doesn't seem to be the greatest fan. She is the biggest drool monster i have ever seen, and has a couple of teeny wee toothy pegs starting to poke through. I have tried her with a bouncer yet i thought she was too young but might go get one now that you guys all speak so highly of them. Oh she started giving us kissys this week and it is soooo cute. You kiss her cheek then say where's mummys kissys and she'll open her mouth wide and plant it on your cheek, drool and all :o) JILLIANT: I know what you mean about getting clucky for another one i feel the same but then think, woah calm down you have one to look after for now and thats plenty :o)


vonzo - January 24

haven't tried a bouncer* sorry


fefer1 - January 28

hi everyone - my dd was born 9/7 and she is so adorable now! she rolled over all the way for the first time yesterday and now I really have to keep my eye on her. She rolls over all the time and then gets stuck and cries. She also started teething a few weeks ago which makes life so much fun. We got her an exersaucer and she seems to like it but her legs are a little too short still to touch the bottome. She talks a lot, screams and squeels and still spits up a LOT. Can't wait for that to be over. She's a high maintenance baby for sure - but we love her! Glad to hear from other Sept mommies - I think we've all been too busy with our lo's to chat much now.


spamanda - January 28

Hello Ladies -- my son was born Sept. 15th. He's HUGE, 16 lbs. 11 oz. and is moving all over the place. He's rolled over a couple times now so we're forcing him to sleep in his crib. Poor kid hates it most of the time, but it's getting better. He's still only getting b___stmilk (lots of allergies on both sides, doc told us to hold off as long as possible, you all know the drill, lol) but it's working well for us. He's very chatty, makes all kinds of noises and squeals, and is quite social. He's also become interested in other babies -- we've got many friends with small kids. It's crazy and exhausting and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My gosh, I'm already wanting another one, too! lol I wonder if it's a hormonal thing. My poor husband just HATES it when I said "well when we have another one, blah blah blah" lol. Oh well, he'll get used to the idea eventually!



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