Several Questions For Those Who Have 5 Mo Olds

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docbytch - March 20

Hi. Sooo...anyone else out there have a baby who is constantly scratching himself on the head? We can't trim his nails fast enough....he is constantly doing it. His poor little head looks like he's been in a catfight at times!! It's horrilble! Also...he is not holding his bottle yet. He is a champ about eating off the spoon. Starting to have a little balance to sit without support for VERY short periods. He WANTS to stand! He can bear all of his weight on his legs standing up...(he's over 18lbs) but he cannot balance of course. He still hates being on his tummy for very long and for some reason...gets REALLY p___sed off when trying to roll front to back (He can...but seems to hate it??)....he rolls back to front all the time. Loves his jumperoo...exersaucer...and overhead sesame st gym thingie. Always saying MMMMMmmmmm Bs or Ds.... Sometimes he is right there with me....and sometimes he just seems...really spaced out. How is everyone else's 5mo old??? Just curious if my guy seems off at all. Thanks!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 20

He seems normal to me, every baby has their prefrence, some like rolling others hate it, my daughter didn't start rolling back to front til she was 5 months...she wasn't to fond of being on her stomach either. But when she was 2 months she rolled front to back and always did when we put her on her stomach. Even now she only is on her stomach because she crawls backwards. His spacing out may be his way of looking at something he likes. Or he just gets lost in certain things. If he is active with all his other toys, there is no worry for you about his tummy time. His scratching himself, maybe you should just try some mittens for him still, they are annoying, or maybe just some socks on his hands when you are home, if you are out he don't need them


bbmax - March 20

My ds just turned 6 months on the 13th and is exactly as you describe except he can now hold a bottle as long as it's not too heavy.


cblack - March 20

Doc, my ds is doing the same head scratching thing. It is terrible, he will scratch so much that it draws blood, and it looks like (as you described) a cat attacked him. I feel awful, but cant get his nails trimmed fast enough for it not to happen. I am glad someone else is having this problem though, and my baby isnt some weird kid that like to scratch his head all the time. lol. As far as everything else, my little guy is about to be 6 months next week and just started rolling over consistently this week. Not sitting unattended yet, but his balance seems to be getting maybe a little bit better. He loves to stand and bear all weight on his legs, and has been since about 3 months (he is very strong). Talking is mostly all kinds of garble... but he talks frequently, and kind of loud almost like he wants to make sure you hear what he has to say. lol. I know what you mean though about making sure developement is going well.


GloriaD - March 22

He sounds like he's doing well! My dd is 6.5 months old and she will not even roll consistently yet. She can sit unattended for about 10 seconds and then she topples over. A strong wind could take care of that though, she's 13 lbs! Mmmmmmaaaammmmaaaaa (Yes!! So happy about that sound!) is her favorite and her nails must grow overnight because she's got a scratch somewhere on her face almost all the time! She also LOVES the doorway jumper and hates almost everything else, except the highchair. And, just recently, she flips out if I'm more than about a foot away. As far as holding her bottle she's iffy at that. She will grab it, pull it out and squirt her milk all over me, herself, the couch, etc. and then scream until I put it back, how exhausting! She does the same thing with her binky. She also loves to pull her hand in her sleeve and suck on it. AND, she gets really mad at me if I fix it and pull her hand out, how strange! Maybe she likes the texture?


angeev - March 24

Hi guy is about the same or a smidge behind yours by the sound of things. The docs often seem to thing my LO is doing really well so I a__sume yours is too. Aaron always wants to stand, to the poin that he gets POed when he is flat on his back or belly. As far as the head thing goes, I think that is just the look for this age. Now that the weather is nice and he's not wearing a hat I catch myself wondering what people must think. Aaron seems to space out too. I have read lots that says they should be able to focus on small items at this age and I just a__sume he is catching sight of something to focus on...usually the cats. Sounds like you all are having lots of fun with your little ones! Isn't this a great age?



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