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LisaB - June 1

Sorry in advance if this is tmi but ds is 6 months and my s_x drive is still at zero. Is it because I'm still nursing? It still is a bit painful when we do have s_x which is once in a blue moon cuz I am soooooooo not into it. I used to LOVE it am so bummed will it return after I'm done nursing?


dedaa - June 1

I think with nursing it does slow you down a bit. My little guy is almost 7 months and my s_x drive is just coming back still sometimes for me it is a bit painful. I was the same way b4 too.I think the fact that we are ttc #3 now brought back my s_x drive. I don`t think I answered your question at all but I went through the same thing.


Rabbits07 - June 1

Nursing can make you extra dry down there, so you may find a lubricant helps tons. If you are still having pelvic discomfort during s_x I would pay a visit to the ob/gyn just to make certain everything is okay. Sometimes it just takes a while for the drive to kick back in...not only because of nursing, but you have tons of other things on your mind now. But, it will come me...I've got 6 living proofs to attest to it! LOL


JEN - June 1 are not alone! I am 6 months pp and rarely have the desire. I too have some pain/discomfort at times, but it gets better each time ( I had a 3rd degree tear). I do not nurse anymore, but I think my lack of desire is due to exaustion...I need some sleep!!!!! Good luck to you.


SonyaM - June 1

I didn't have much drive before but now it is GONE !!! We have a four year old and an 8 month old and the four year old doesn't nap anymore-UUUGGGHHHH!!!! By the time we goe both kids in bed and asleep I am WAY to exhausted to even think about s_x much less actually do it. I guess when they go to college we can resume activities. HA!


Annette - June 1

Yep, you are not alone. When the doctor asked me 10 weeks ppartum what birth control method I was going to chose, I couldn´t help chuckling and asking: "Who wants to have s_x?". I have made it like... mmm, once in almost 4 months, so much not like me ... Would probably feel more like it if my b___sts and nipples were not giant and my thighs didn´t resemble my son´s. Oh, Rabbits07, now I get the reason of your nick.... Adorable!


Elle - June 3

WHEW! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I am 11 weeks postpartum and have absolutely ZERO desire. I too am bf'ing. We've only done it twice since the baby was born and I had to suffer through it - just not into it at all. I feel so sorry for dh! I told my doctor that I would be using the abstinance method of bc! Oh well, hope it returns at some point. I need to feel normal again!


LisaB - June 3

so glad to hear I'm not alone. what a bummer!!


Nerdy Girl - June 3

I b___stfed my first baby for a full year, and I swear that my s_x drive did not come back until she was about 18 months old. According to my husband, it never came back, but he's really justexaggerating. Now my 2nd baby is 6 months old, I stopped b___stfeeding 3 months ago, and I STILL have no interest in s_x. It's so depressing.


Heather F - June 5

I am so happy to hear I am not alone!!


Ca__sieSong - June 5

Lisa, I have a dd who is almost 6 months and live in WI too. I stopped bf a long time ago and my s_x drive came back rather quickly. I have a group of moms I email frequently and some have their drive back, some don't.... whether they are bf or not. It is too bad though... just one of those things.


LisaB - June 5

Ca__sie Im in the Appleton area where are you? I just moved back here from Phoenix and have been loving the summer it beats 114 degrees!!!



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