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ninaatk - February 20

Hey Ladies!! I didnt know where to post this exactly but I was hoping someone could help me - I am 3 months postpardum and well.... Sex still hurts... like at the begining - everytime....I tore during delivery and it took me an extra week to heal (7 weeks total) and We have only done it maybe a dozen times sine then usually a few days in between each time. I am just wondering if it takes a while for things to "sretch out" ??? Or did they sew things up to tight? Or what?? Anyways Please Help!!


EMBERBABY - February 20

I still feel discomfort not so much pain. I am 5 months pp and I figured it will take a while. I also tore and also think the sew job is what is making things a bit more difficult. I have one word for you "lube" and LOTS of it. I think with time things will get easier as you stretch to accomodate things. lol


Bonnie - February 20

S_x? What is that? I vaguely remember the word but I have forgotten what it was!


jb - February 20

Yeah, what is that? I can't believe you have done it about a dozen times already! I am a year postpardum and I think to date I have done it a dozen times!!! (my poor dh!)


ninaatk - February 21

Well thank you so much ladies!! I am glad to hear that it isnt just me.... I guess somethings just take time! LOL!! Thank you!!


bradylove - February 21

It took about 8 months for me to feel comfortable again during s_x after my first baby. Healing was a lot quicker with #2. You know what helped me after my first...those long-lasting condoms because they have some kind of numbing something or other on them so after a few minutes I couldn't feel any pain TMI, I know! but it might help!


Emily - February 21

Bonnie, I had the same reaction. What s_x> I know what baby is and night feedings and night time potty breask (for my two year old) and a nursing baby sleeping between us just so I can get some sleep cause the minute she hits her own sheets, she is wide awake......but seroiusly, it took me a while after my first. The main thing is to relax and maybe use extra lubrication. It wasn't as long after number two.....


ninaatk - February 21

Thanks for the suggestions! I guess I am one of the lucky moms who has a baby who sleeps really well (most of the time) and Im not b___st feeding (not by choice I just didnt have any milk and after 6 weeks of tears -we gave up - but thats a whole other story!!!)So I am able to get back into my old grove faster than most - But wow - really 8 months that sucks! I guess it all takes time and if we go for #2 its nice to know that I might recover faster! But of course then I will have a baby and another child so - I can picture where some of you are comming from!! LOL - ok I am rambelling!! But thank you all so much!!


Lanaya - February 21

After my first it was 3.5 months after before I had s_x for the first time. I had a HUGE episiotomy and wasn't walking right for 2.5 weeks pp. Anyways, after my 2nd one, we were having s_x like 2.5 weeks pp! lol Slow of course! lol Anyways, after a 2nd baby your body kinda snaps back much quicker, atleast it did for me, sorry, I'm not much help here.



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