Sex After Baby What Was It Like

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Cathy2 - October 18

Hey everyone, I had my baby 4 weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to getting the good old s_x life reved up again! It's weird though, s_x during pregnancy didn't bother me at all, I was so proud of the wieght I was gaining and that big old bump was beautiful. But now, the bumps and lumps aren't so hot...the scar from my c=section , the stretch it's not pretty. I know my husband doesnt care at all, but it's hard to feel s_xy. So was you first experience like after you had your baby?


MNMOM - October 18

For me personally, it was not so enjoyable, and regrettably still isn't. I'd rather sleep and I am just not feeling so great about the way I look, so it's hard to get into it. I didn't really have any pain or anything, although things felt a bit loose...I delivered v____ally and the episiotomy scar was a bit tender. Good luck to you.


kimberly - October 18

I am 9 weeks pp and dh and I have only had s_x twice. The biggest reason being I have been bleeding most of that time. But, the first time was right after my 6 week check up and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It didn't hurt, but I delivered v____ally though. I know what you mean about not feeling s_xy too, I don't feel I look good right now!


JessC531 - October 18

I'm 10 weeks pp, and we've done it twice now - both in the last week. Let me tell you - IT HURT!!! I pushed for an hour and a half but ended up with a c-section. So I don't know what caused the pain, but it's really bad. Bad enough to tell dh he had to stop. I'm also not feeling all that s_xy at the moment, although dh is so sweet and is constantly complimenting me. The scar doesn't bother me that much... that's a really special scar!!! :) It's the flab that gets me. LOL.


excited2bemama - October 18

Well... I had a v____al birth and 3 2nd degee tears. We didn't even try till 11 weeks post partum. It wasn't too bad- Dh was super gentle. Now I am 4.5 months post partum... I am bf and that totally affects your hormones. I am not always in the mood. But I believe its important for our marriage and of course dh is always in the mood so I try to get into it. It does take longer to get me worked up (again bf really affects things) and we have to go slow. It always hurts a bit in the beginning. it was hard too b/c I didn't feel s_xy at all- Now I still have 13 lbs to lose but I am feeling better about myself.


TiffanyRae - October 18

We had s_x 6 weeks pp. I had a v____al delivery and had the smallest not too bad. I expected s_x to hurt alot but it didn't at all. We used extra lubricant and I think that helped alot. Now everything is back to normal. I feel very lucky because I lost all my baby weight and then some....but still don't feel 100% about my body! I don't know if I ever will! But its all good because one look at my little man and all worries are washed away. It also helps that i DH is SUPER complimentary.


aliciavr6 - October 18

Eh, haven't been into it at all since I had dd 4 months ago. I think it's due to my bc pills. But the first few times trying post partum didn't even happen because it hurt. Eventually things got better after a few tries though.


Bellas Mom - October 18

I'm 4 weeks pp too and hoping for the same experience I had when I had my daughter.... We had s_x after 6weeks with my dd and it was amazing, lol. I was told it would hurt and that I would be extra dry, etc. We were all prepared with ky and all, but no need. It is true that you need to take your time though, and it burns a little , but it's been so long that any sort of touch is amazing. Hopefully you can have a good experience too!! (And me too, this time around)


DB - October 18

Well, I am 8.5 mo PP and I dont' know why, but s_x is amazing now...BUT, I'm RARELY in the mood! I mean once we're going and doing our thing it's good, but it's not like I'm asking for it!!! But after a v____al birth, the first few times were a bit painful at first. I also seem to be extra dry STILL, wtf? Lube is a must!!! As for my body image, ha, it doesn't get much stranger left b___b is a big old C cup, my right b___b is a tiny B cup, maybe even an A (just weaned and I'm lopsided) I don't even take my shirt off!! SORRY IF TMI!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 18

Wow! Well I am 7 (almost 8) weeks pp and DH and I started when I was 2 weeks pp, I know most people say it wasn't a good idea...but at my 6 week check up and I told my doc about it, he told me that it is more just to be on the safe side...and although he wouldn't recommend anyone going before the 6th week, it is just a precaution. But I gained a lot and I also have a to of strech marks and I hate the way I look, and I know my DH don't I guess I get comfort in knowing when I bend over and he looks down my shirt or something and get aroused that I still got it lol jk...but no really, I just leave it because I know if he gained a ton of weight that wouldn't be reason enough for me to stop feeling the urge to be intimate with him. As for s_xy, I just change the whole wardrobe and focus in more on what he likes...such as my big thighs lol so nasty but if he likes them I use that and have him focus on what he likes more and try to avoid those spots I feel less comfortable with such as my belly


Allisonc79 - October 18

I am actually nervous and think I need to go back to the ob, b/c it still hurts me and I am 13 weeks pp. I pushed for 2 hours, and had an episiotomy . There is still scar tissue there and honestly it is freaking me out b/c it's still sore. But if you didn't get an episiotomy and had little tearing I doubt you will have this problem.


pj - October 19

i tried unsuccessfully ,, unsuccessful as it hurt so much that dh had to stop. Gynae says it is due to dryness and to use ky. Interestingly i had c sec after 15 hours of trying to have v____al birth


excited2bemama - October 19

Ohh yeah- I forgot to mention- USE KY... like everyone else said- you can be really dry down there.


chrissi79 - October 19

Well now its perfectly fine - great when we get a chance to have it!! haha, but it took about 6 months for me to actually enjoy it again...


KOGreer - October 19

I had no problems, it was actually quite wonderful. We used KY as a precaution, but didn't have to use it after the first time. We waited until exactly 6 weeks to try. I was like you, I could not wait to have my husband back. Once we got the first time overwith, our s_x life is back to normal.


DDT - October 19

OUCH! It hurt the first 3-4 times. Df was very gentle but I had 2nd degree internal tearing. I felt very tight and it burned alot. I think we started having s_x at 8wks pp. I also have little to no s_x drive even at 8 months pp. My body is also not all that I wish it would be...even though df insists I'm hot (lol yeah right!!). I have about 10lbs to lose.


wailing - October 19

I had a C-section and I think we finally did it a 7-8 wks pp. Like everyone said... use alot of lube. Seriously. The hormones make u DRY and it is not comfortable if u don't. It was O.K at first but very tender. After a few months it got better. Now at 17wks pp it feels great but who has time or energy???!! HAHA



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