Sex Is Too Painful

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Gloomy - November 20

I'm 9 weeks postpartum, and just found out that s_x is too painful me! Shouldn't everything have healed up by now? I feel fine in general. No discharge. No itching or discomfort, but when we try to have s_x, it feels like I'm being cut with a knife in there, and we have to stop. I'm so worried I'll never have s_x again. My husband is so understanding, and tells me not to worry, but I hate disappointing him. I'm so upset about it, because I'm mentally ready to resume s_x, but physically unable too. Anyone else having problems, or is it just me?


To Gloomy - November 20

Yes this happened to me too. It is because your body had a lot of changes it take some time to go back to normal. You are lucky your husband understands you.


Emma - November 20

I feel your pain...kinda. Actually, I wish I did. My husband got sent to prison for 15 months when I was 7 weeks post-partum: before my doctor approved s_x. Not only that, but I wasn't even in the mood due to hormones and sleep deprivation. Now, I totally wish we had done it even if it hurt and was really short; and I had a second degree tear, so, I'm sure it would hurt a lot. Who knows what it will be like 16 1/2 months after giving birth. I guess it'll either be excruciating or really good...guess I'll have to wait and see...anyway, good luck and keep trying. :-)


Jbear - November 21

Sometimes the hormonal changes after you have a baby can cause v____al dryness. You might need lube, even if you've never needed it before. If that's not the problem, maybe you can ask your doctor to examine you and see if there's a physical cause. Both of my babies were born by c-section, so I never had to worry about physical changes down there, but I did need a little lube for a couple of weeks. Somehow s_x seemed better after we'd had our first child...I don't know if we just got more comfortable with each other, or what, but there was a big difference.


ally - November 21

yes same, my husband left cause of it, well one of the reasons, anyhow after 5 mths it still hurt and im unsure how long it takes to get better, maybe someone can tell me


Lesley - November 21

After I had my 1st son it took 4 month to be able to do it. After 12 weeks of pain I decided to go to a doctor, who advised me to go see a councilor. I was traumatised by the labour. After I had my 2nd baby it was about a week when I first had s_x. It hurt a little bit but only for that one time. I had my 3rd baby 14 days ago, and I managed s_x last night. Over the last week we have been taking things really slowly building up to it. I think that helped a lot.


-m - November 21

I had s_x 5 1/2 weeks pp and the first time it was painful. The next time was a little less painful and the next after that a little less. At about 8 weeks pp everything was back to normal.


Fabienne - November 21

Hi gloomy - Like Lesley, it took me 4 months to be able to do it again - it was so painful! I also had a traumatic delivery - and had lots of tears. It is fine now...phew!


Sarah - November 21

It took me a while too. After my 6 week check up my dr gave the okay and it hurt so bad. She told me it would. We couldn't even do it for about another 2 weeks. It's almost been three months and its back to normal. I thought I would never be able to have s_x again! I also had a very hard labor-pushed(really hard) for over an hour then had an epis. and then a vacuum.


Leahp - November 22

I'm wondering the same thing, I'm seven weeks pp when my hubby and I tried, I had second degree tears all along the v____al wall from forceps. It hurt pretty bad all internal, but some how I managed to have an orgasm because once he got all the way in, I really couldn't feel the pain, penetration hurts the most!! But I'm so hoping it gets better, I miss Wild s_x!!! At least my hubby was gentle and understanding!


T. - November 22

I'm 15 weeks postpartum and it is still painful for me, but I just bear it. My OBGYN told me I healed up fine, but it stilkl hurts. I guess it just takes a while to heal completely. I had an episiotomy, so I think that's why it's taking so long for me. Anyway, good luck.



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