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CassJ - February 25

Do any of your husbands NOT want to have s_x? It seems like everything I read says that their hubbys are always hounding them for s_x and my hubby turns it down a lot! He always says he is tired or busy and I am starting to find that weird. Any one else? What do you think?


Deirdra - February 25

my dh is the same way he even denys a bj (overshare)


SonyaM - February 25

I wish!!!!


ninaatk - February 25

Mine too!! It totally sucks!! We fight about it all the time!! He says its not me... I've lost all of my baby weight and am looking pretty good.... I think... Anyways I have no idea what to do!! If anyone has any suggestions!


Heather F - February 25

mine only wants it around every two weeks, which is fine by me, any more and hes not that interested....if your very concerned talk to him about it.


Kara H. - February 25

I do not mean to ruffle feathers, but I had an old boss that said that if men don't want to have s_x, it is one of three things: they are getting s_xual fulfillment elsewhere (either self or someone else), the are taking a substance that is interfering with their labido (Rx or otherwise) or the have a hormonal problem and should see a doctor. I should note his father is a couples therapist. The only time my hubby hasn't wanted s_x was when I had a yeast infection, when I first got pregnant after repeat miscarriges, and last week when I severely burnt my thigh and it looked like chicken fat. Any other time, its game on. I feel bad for turning him down so much. Makes me feel like I have the hormone problem...


Kara H. - February 25

Sorry, I should have elaborated on the male horomone thing. Some men's t______es do not produce enough testosterone and need "the patch" to feel like their old selves again. Might be worth your while to set him up a doctors appointment.


ash2 - February 25

Hmm, that is interesting. Is he taking a prescription ? That would alter his desire. My husband wants it like EVERY night sucks. I like it maybe once a week ! BTW...ca__sJ...i wouldnt worry that it is your appearance, you are a very pretty girl ! It is probably something that has to do with him. Maybe stress ??


waiting100 - February 25

My dh wants it daily, three four times a day if he could! I want it like once a week, maybe! My friends husband never wants to have s_x and my friend is GORGEOUS! Before they got married she wondered if he was gay? and ya know, I can kind of see those tendencies in him!


Kara H. - February 25

Gosh I don't know if there are any "Simpsons" fans here, but there is an episode where Homer is dressed up in a panda costume and gets into the panda enclosure at the zoo. The male panda is very atttacted to him in the costume. Homer makes a run for it and falls onto a large boulder type rock with his bum sticking up in the air. The Zoo announcer says "Look, she's PRESENTING". Everytime I bend over to do anything (pick someting up off the floor, scouring the tub, tying my shoe, etc) and my husband sees me, I hear him yell, "PRESENTING" and I know I had better stand up in a hurry or I am going to get one of his stupid panda thrust... Do they every grow out of teenage boy humor? I can't tell you how many times I have gotten my head bumped on whatever was in front of me during the "panda presenting".


cae - February 25

Seems like my DH hounds me every sec Im awake.


mommyke - February 25

maybe its stress? My hubby hasn't been that interested lately (and neither have I) b/c things are REALLY stressful financially and everything I have read says that is normal. He probably isn't "getting it elsewhere", it probably has to do w/ other stressors that make it hard to get in the mood. I don't have any words of wisdom, but it is normal if things have been stressful. to those that have husbands that are hounding them, try not to make her feel so bad... not all men are super s_xual and hearing about how much your husbands want s_x all the time is not going to help. Ca__s - talk to him - it is probably stress that is doing it.


Ca__sJ - February 25

He is not taking any medications. I asked him about it a while ago and he said that a male's s_x drive goes down as they gey older. He is only 28!! I dont dare say he is cheating but I am just wondering. He is waiting tables at night because he lost his real job and he calls me a lot and tells me not to wait up on him because he is running late. Well he did that tonight and then called and said he was off but he was going to Wal-Mart with a guy from work. I don't know maybe I am just over a___lyzing all this stuff. Do you guys think so?


mommyke - February 25

Like I said, it might just be stress - especially if he lost his job and is stressed about supporting your family. That is not to say he might not be cheating - keep your eye on him. But it is probably the stress from money being tight and losing his job. Keep your chin up - I am thinking about you!


sahmof3 - February 26

How old is he? My dh's libido had dropped off since he is almost 40.


ninaatk - February 26

I think It might be stress - I think in our case it is anyways - we both run companies and with a new baby it can be really challenging to connect at the end of a long day . From what I can tell men seam to be the "gatherers" (sp - sorry) and when they cant "gather" they get stressed out and everything goes to hell in a hand bag. Give it time? Maybe it will get better? Im really not one to talk cause I have problems of my own... But Im here for support and know how you feel!


Rabbits07 - February 26

It's been my experience that when men get stressed, especially about finances and such, it can mess with their libido. Given your situation I would keep that in mind.



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