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Paula - October 29

My 1st grader came home from school and told me he had a homework assignement to write 3 nice things about his teacher( he is just learning to write sentences). To help him with his ideas, I suggested some things like, She has a good personality, she is helpfull, she is caring. Jonas just nodded his head and said how about.... She has a nice body??? I couldn't believe he said that, he is 6, isn't that inappropriate? I am so worried!


liz - October 29

its probably time you had that talk with him about the proper ways to touch a girl, where not to touch her, what you can't and can say about girls, taht kind of stuff!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 29

I wouldn't get too worried yet. He probably heard some dumb guy say something like that. I would just have a chat , like liz said, to discuss what is appropriate and what is not. He probably did not even mean it the way we think of it when we hear it. Kids say the darndest things.


steph - October 29

When I brought my new baby girl home from the hospital and was changing her diaper4 year old ran up saying, Mommy, why does her but crack go all the way to her belly b___ton??? isn't that funny????At that point I had the little talk about boys and girls...


sandy - October 29

my 2 year old walks around holding his p___s all the time, first i though he needed to go to the bathroom, and my pottytraining was going well but he just does it even if he doesn't have to go.... like an old man ;-)


don't worry now worry later - October 30

oh what comes from the mouths and actions of our babes @ 6 s_x becomes an issue mostly through jokes by 7 betty and veronica are s_x symbols and by 8 some are already playing kiss with girls in the bushes across the street and cutting out models from your chatelaine magazines with their paper scissors ... the list goes on . I suppose the best approach is to pay attention .


lol - October 30

at the last post. My nephew was cutting out body parts too at that age. Although he was never overtly s_xual, opening up magazines and finding a leg or b___b missing from the lady was a bit disturbing. He never cut out the whole woman just the bits he liked. I still wonder what he did with them. I don't think his parents gave him 'the talk' though. He actually still says girls are gross, but he is definitely a b___b man.


loling again - October 30

Just read steph's post. I am going to have to tell someone that one!


anne - October 30

that post is hilarious!!


chelsey - October 30

My almost 4 year old always tries to kiss me...pa__sionately. And she walks around acting "saxy". Or if she see's 2 people kissing, she'll ask me if that is "saxy". She knows about the difference between boys and girls, and their "private parts". She just doesnt understand quite yet, about proper behavior. But she's learning! I'll never forget when my little brother was about 6 years old, and he was watching Beethoven (the dog). There was apart in the movie when the girl kissed her boyfriend in the car... and my brother asked my mom " why does my "peter" stand up when I see them kissing?" It was sooooo funny!


TC - October 30

Paula did you ask him what he meant by that? Sometimes kids have a totally different view of things than us adults have.


Jadyns Mommy - October 31

Exactly. He more than likely didnt even know what that meant. Jadyns half brother once told me I have a nice a$$ when he was 4 and after I picked my jaw up off the floor and explained to him that he should not say things like that, we found out that he actually just liked the skirt I was wearing but had heard that expression from other kids so he thought that was what it meant.



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