Shannon Here Again

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shannon - January 2

i posted a couple days ago about my 10mos old not eating solids.Well i tried again today but she wont eat anything unless it's formula,i tried making her laugh,the spoon as an airplane,putting food on her high chair,giving her finger food,taking a bite of her food but nothing works.She is healthy and happy,shes not sick.She just aint wanting to eat anything but formula.She use to eat baby food but not no more.I have made her home made baby food,tried table food but still yet none of those things interested her.DR SAYS NOT TO WORRY-but how can i not worry?is this a common problem for others or what?it's stressing me out b/c i worry she is not getting the right amount of nourshament.When you try to get her to eat food she will spit it back out and if you do manage to get a little bit of it in her tummy she will make herself gag on purpose until she pukes it back up.What else can i try?I need some advice really bad?is it okay for her to only eat formula at 10mos old?she eats a 10oz bottle of formula 3 times a day! is this okay?I even tried not giving her any formula and making sure she was hungary and then tried baby food,but same thing as always.she wont eat infant cereal or drink infant juice.All she wants is formula.Im so desperate for answers please help me figure out what to do.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 2

What food are you trying? At 10 month my daughter was feeding herself. Try putting a little bit of jam on some toast, not too much mind.


shannon - January 2

lesley,i have tried all sorts of foods,i cant get her to feed herself.She plays with toys just fine but if you put food or a baby spoon in her hand she drops it so worried.even mashed potatoes and gravey did no good ,nor did cream of wheat.Nothing.


Chelsey - January 2

She wont feed herself? Try putting the plate of food infront of her, and see if she'll eat with her fingers. Do it when she's sitting in her high chair while you are eating also. Do you feed her formula from a bottle or have you introduced a sippie cup? Maybe if you put her formula in a sippie cup, she'll get used to the cup, then you can try juices again. She really should be eating more than just cereal and formula. In 2 months she should be put on homogenized milk, so she should be getting less bottles and more meals at this age. At 10 mos., she should be eating cereal in the morning, then lunch and supper (including meats). Then having her bottle in between. Something like that anyways!


shannon - January 2

i did try a sippy cup and it just set there.I tried so many times and tried different cups.She wont eat cereal either.If i dont give her fomula she would starve.Iput food in front of her and also tried eating at the same time and eating the same thing i gave her,but she wont eat nothing else.


Christy - January 2

Did she ever seem interested in eating solids? Like did she ever grab food out of your hand or off your plate or stare at you guys while you were eating? Also, has she stopped thrusting her tongue out when you put food in her mouth? Can she pick up objects with her thumb and index finger (pincer grasp)? If you answered no to some of these questions, she may not be developmentally ready to eat solids. Some kids aren't until they're past a year old. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think she will do it when she is able. It's just like some kids walk early at 7 or 8 months while other may not start late until 14 months.


shannon - January 2

She used to eat baby food when she was between 5-7mos,but then after that i cant get to eat anything besides formula.I tried earlier with jam on toast,but once again,she would'ent eat i took a small peice and rubbed the jam in her mouth and like normal she made her self gag so she wouldent have to eat all out of suggestions for myself,i dont know how to get her to eat.



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