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yogi - June 3

h__lo girls, Mina has been having one nap a day now and it is really hot in here . what doyou do allday , where do you go? thanks


mlm056 - June 3

hi there, my ds is 11 months and still on 2 naps.. but generally this is how our day goes (guidelines)-- up at 8am, eat, indoor play only as he takes a nap from 9-11am, then a 1-1.5 hr activity (swimming, Mom and me group, shopping, walk at the park), around 1ish eat, ds does a bit of self entertaining (playing with blocks, flipping through book/loves his stacking toys etc) naps 2-3:30ish. Around 4pm he eats, then we will generally go for a walk/have a play date/read him a book/hand games/go to the library/head to the beach. 5:30 he gets 30 mins of Baby Einstien while I prepare dinner etc. 6pm we eat dinner as a family. 7ish is bathtime, read a book, and bottle between 7:30-8ish. This is our day in a nutshell-- again, all subject to his naps! Hope this helps!


britt_m - June 4

My dd is 1 now! Usually wakes up around 6-7pm has some milk. 8am we have breakfast. She plays until naptime around 10:30. We have lunch at noon, if she wakes in time. We go to the park or for a nice walk after lunch. Weread some stories and she'll take a nap around 3 pm, she has a big snack when she wakes up. Then she'll play on our patio while I start dinner. Then after dinner we go up stairs and spend time with daddy and just relax until bedtime at 8-9pm. She has small snacks all through out the day and is pretty much on whole milk now, tho she still nurses at least once a day.


Crystal83 - June 4

HI! My 9 mos. old has been trying to cut 1 of her naps during the day, but I won't let her, lol. She still needs it! I get up around 8 am to get my oldest off to school and my 4 year old some breakfast. The lo wakes up around 8:30 and she has a bottle then some cereal. She likes to follow my 4 year old around in the morning to play, so I usually get a coffee and go on the computer for a bit to visit this site and read my email. Then I play with baby and make lunch for both the kids. After lunch the lo goes down for a nap and I usually do my pilates video and have a shower. By that time baby is up again and I give her a cookie to nibble on do a little cleaning up and we play until I get my oldest from school and take baby for a walk in the stroller to get her if it's nice out.. DH gets home around 4:30pm, plays with baby until she needs a nap at 5pm. I get supper started and by the time it's done baby wakes up. After supper it's a bath for the 2 oldest kids and the LO likes to watch! Then it's homework, read a book. Bedtime by 8:30 for the oldest 2 and then bottle and bedtime for my lo by 9:30pm. Then I watch t.v until 10pm and go to bed! This is my everyday routine, unless I have to go somewhere. How


Crystal83 - June 4

oh and occasionally baby wakes up around 5 am for a bottle, but doesn't do this very often anymore thankfully!


Cathy2 - June 4

Well our day goes like this...wake up 8am...I give her breakfast...then she plays in the high chair while I make my coffee, wahs bottles, make my own breakfast etc...then we play inside for bit, go out to water the garden, look at all the flowers and bugs..she loves this! and we go for a jog witht he dog...then 10:30ish is bottle/nap time, she sleeps for about and hour...12:00 lunch, then off to our lessons, groups or friends house to play...3:00 is bottle nap time again...sleep until 4:30ish...the dinner, and off to the park to play on the swings...I usually bring apicnic blanket too so she can sit and watch the other kids playing...many of them love to comeober and play with her...(it takes up alot of time between dinner and bedtime ; ) Then 6:30 daddy comes home...they play till 7:30 then bath/bottle/ and in bed by 8pm. There it is...I find the day speeds by when you add laundry, cleaning,songs,stories to all of that...I think the key is getting out of the hosue everyday into and new interesting environment where you can socialize and your baby is entertained !


tish212 - June 4

ok here goes... dh works from 6am to 3:30pm or we wake up much later and go to bed much later...and i only have one child....dd is 6 months old...she wakes at 10 am and eats...and we watch one of the disney shows for about 20 minutes while we play...then by 11 she is ready for a nap... she gets up around 12 or 12:30 and eats again (this time a spoon feeding where she tries to feed herself...that takes up a lot of time! and entertains her) then we play on the floor and explore things around the living room... her swing her walker...her toys...then daddy calls and she sill dit and listen to him talk on speaker phone...then she is ready for a nap again around 1:30 or 2...then she is up by 3 or 3:30 and if daddy is home she will talk to him for a bit then she eats (spoon again) and we play on the floor and then go outside and water the flowers, the veggie garden, and the new trees...and she gets to explore all these things with her hands which she loves... then we follow daddy around while he does his yard work or outside work like washing his motorcycle...or working in his garage... then she goes down for a nap around 4:30 or 5 and i make dinner and she gets up around 6 and eats with daddy and then we play she has walker time, floor time and mommy time (where i hold her and play with her in my arms) then i take my me time...and she stays home and plays with daddy for about 20 minutes (i leave and either just ride around the neighborhood or go visit friends for a minute just to get a break) then when i get back i will feed her again, more spoon feeding and "playing" with her food then its bath time!! which she LOVES!! and then i give her a ma__sage with her lotion she gets some cereal with b___stmilk and is swaddled for bed...(by this time its around 9:30 to 10...she will wake up a few time in the night to eat a little more...or just for rea__surance that we are there but she sleeps really well.... everyother day though we go to visit Mommom..and poppop we try to stick to the same naps..but it REALLY helps to have her be able to play with someone else sometimes!!! the stimulation of being around someon who plays different with her talks differently to her...i also try to go out with her a a trip to target we may not need anything but she loves to ppl watch in the front carrier...and she loves when i wear her and walk around...we also sometimes take trips to see daddy on his lunch break just to get out of the house... she is at an age where it is hard to keep her entertained for more than 10 mins at a time till she wants to do something new... so i try to take her to new things etc..when we go out shopping she gets tons of attention... ppl always stop to talk to her..and she ALWAYS smiles at them so they will stay longer to talk and try to make her laugh which helps me SOOO much it is hard to keep them entertained at the younger ages because the attention span isn't far the best thing for me is when she is in her carrier and i just walk around in stores or just out side the house...she is just now fitting in her storller without the carset in it..and i have taken her for walks around the yard and she seems to like that... i try to keep an organized day...but sometimes that is easier said than done... gl... (maybe a mom and me or similar would help you out, we dont have those out here though...)



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