She Got Her

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 13

FIRST TOOTH on Tuesday, it was so neat. We went to the doctor for my OB check and DH felt insider her mouth and there it was. We were dorks dancing and singing in the room because we found her tooth. So the day we heard our unborn babies heartbeat we also found a tooth. So my two made a good day great : ) But poor thing, that one tooth took a toll on her though. She had a 100 degree fever, wouldn't sleep at night, at the same time she had a runny nose, so when she did eat she choked and I had to suck her boogers so much and she hated it. Hope next time is a bit easier for her, I thought she was sick with a stomach ache.


tish212 - March 13

aww congrats to ur maes no sense to me why they have to feel so bad when their teeth come in...poor things! and also on the same day u hear ur newest lo's hb that's just an excellent day! don't feel bad about jumping around like dorks... when alexa smiled at me the first time I cried..then whe she began "talking" (babbling and squealing) me and dh squealed and babbled back at her nonstop to someone who didn't know what its like woulda thought we were insane sitting there squealing and babbling to her lol.... congrats again to ur lo , and congrats to u on ur newest lo! hopefully her next teeth will come in w/o all the issues... :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 13

I know, they go through so much just to get through all these milestones. I remembere her talking too, I love being like that. We were at the mall and I was playing with her by running around the stroller or ducking and hiding and people looked at me like I was crazy, but just as long as she is happy


tish212 - March 14

I know what u mean about people staring at u like ur insane... I was shopping the other day and alexa was awake in her seat so I was talking to her about clothes we saw and stuff and people kept staring at me like why in the world are u havin a conversation with she also always picks when we r out in public with tons of strangers arund to let out loud gas...and people will look at my strangely when I tell her "aww u pooted does ur lil belly feel better my lil pooting princess" I mean its cute when babies do it but not everyone seems to get that...even some other mothers look at me strangely... lol I guess to each is own with raising children...but I'd rather see a mother like u running around playing with ur child then a mother talkin on her phone acting like her child is in her way annoying her.. if that makes sense... oh and I saw ur 13 weeks, I didn't realize u were already that far! dh and I have talked about trying again... but I dunno I'm so impatient lol I felt like my first just dragged on and took forever.. does it pa__s quicker now since u already have a lo to keep u busy? :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

I understand what you mean about the phone thing. I always look at moms who are goofy with their kids and smile. I think it is cute. I ask my daughter what brand to get and she has picked her own toys since she was 2 months, if she laughed or it made her smile, we knew that was the one. This pregnancy was quicker then the one with my daughter keeps me so busy that I can't believe I am this far. I told DH I hit the second trimester so fast, and all he says is the third will come soon too. I just wonder if the third will be quick, should be because my daughter will be crawling more, trying to walk and learning to talk



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