She Hurt My Baby Has This Ever Happened To You

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CherishCayleigh - July 21

Hi all, I need to vent!!! Cay went for her 6 month (3rd set of) shots today. She has never been that bad with shots, yeah initial crying but nothing major... Well i take her in today to have them done and my normal nurse is on vacation and there is a replacement there.... right away i didnt like her because she was asking me questions (like can she roll over, sit up.. yadda yadda) and when i answered no to these (due to cay being 6 weeks early she is developing a little slower) the nurse ROLLED her eyes at me!! And it gets worse.... Cay had to have 3 shots (2 in 1 leg 1 in the other).... so the nurse gives the first 2 which upset cay, and when she went to give the third one she commented on how stiff her leg was and how tense she was and then she just jammed in the F***ING needle... well Cay started SCREAMING and i picked her up and then my friend pointed out that she was bleeding... i looked at her leg and there was blood running all down it, there was blood on my shirt and also my arm and hand!! I was livid!! If i haddent been trying to comfort my daughter i would have probably kicked that nurses butt!! I am just so upset by this, she is sleeping now but has been miserable for about 8 hours (not screaming the entire time though) I havent even been able to pick her up, every time i had to move her she would scream and she has never been like that before.... you can bet, that tomorrow i will be calling that office and raising h__l!!!.... Thanks for letting me vent *sigh* im starting to feel better....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 21

I am soooooooooo sorry you went through that. Poor little Cay. I would for sure call the doctor's office and ask to speak to your doctor. Have you tried giving her baby tylenol? We gave it to Amaya when she had her shots and it really helped with fever around the area where she got her shots. Also, try to keep all clothing and blankets off of her little legs. Try just a onesie or a shirt and put some socks on her and that should help a little also!


E - July 21

UGHHH! I hate b___hy, insensitive nurses!!!! If you hate your f*cking job so much, do us all a favor and QUIT!!!!!! Poor baby. Give her as much love and attention as you can. I know she will forget this over the next few days. Aja was also very upset by his shots for the week following. He was extremely clingy and whiny. Raise hell. I would call and say your baby is feeling ill and is acting strange, and make a sick baby appointment for today. This way, you may get to see her again and you can raise holy hell in person. Aja is 4.5 months and still cannot roll over either. He has no volition to do so. He lays on the bed like a fat lazy slob, waiting to be picked up all the time lol!! I love my fat little baby:)


Brittany - July 21

I started hating my son's pediatrician after a month of going. He was suppose to get RSV shots every month since he was premature and I went for a schedule shot day and they said he couldn't get it because they didnt' have copys of my insurance cards. That was the second time he was suppose to go too and they did make copys of my insurance cards or else he wouldn't be recieving care from them for a month...I simply changed pediatricians...RSV is a fatal disease and they really messed up his records. Maybe just talk to your doctor. I'm so sorry your daughter had to go through that, it's not fair. Good luck.


Jadyns Mommy - July 22

Oh no, shots are already hard enough on mom and baby that a horrible nurse is the last thing you need! Jadyn did real well with the Tylenol as well. She slept most of the day. Regards to the bleeding, the same happened with Jadyn. She had 4 shots at her 2 month check up and the first 3 were ok but she had had it by the 4th and wiggled so it bled and she screamed holy terror. I instantly grabbed her and had blood all over my sleeve so I paniced and burst into tears as well. I never saw a nurse run so quickly out of the room. I would give Cay a little Tylenol and ALOT of TLC and she should be back to her wonderful self by tomorrow.


Jbear - July 23

I changed pediatricians after my daughter's three year old checkup. She was afraid to step on the scale (thought it would cut off her'll understand when yours is 3) and so two nurses decided they would hold her down on a table to measure her height. They held her by the legs (okay) and the neck...which should never be done. Then the doctor told me I needed to find the money in my budget to put my daughter in day care, because she wasn't learning how to behave staying home with me. I had to find a different doctor for my daughter, and for her little sister who will be born next month. You should try giving your baby tylenol before the shots. Also, most of the time when they give shots they put a cotton ball on the spot and then a bandaid over it, to stop any bleeding. A little bit of bleeding is normal.


P - July 24

Oooooh I would be soooo mad!!! F*cking b*itch!! My doctor gives the needles himself and he's great. Quinn got her four month shot and had absolutely no reaction to them at all this time. She cried for about a minute after the needles themselves and that was it. Tell that cow if she can't do her job properly to stay the hell away from your and everyone else's babies. Make sure your doctor knows what kind of hag he has working for him. Maybe he'll decide she's a liability and toss her. Fingers crossed. B___hb___hb___h!!


CM - August 3

It's never too late to kick her a__s, j/k. I would be furious too. I'm sorry your daughter ( & you) had to go through that.


P - August 3

I'm pretty sure my doctor combines the vaccines into a couple of needles. See if your dr will do that or is that what you meant when you said only three shots? Good luck to you and b___boo kisses for Aja.


Liz - August 4

I'm sorry you and your baby went through that. I have a hard time when it comes to shots too! I just wanted to tell you that I would put in a complain about that nurse. She shouldn't be practicing nursing like that and especially working in pediatrics.



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