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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 26

Yesterday was just a normal day for us, no extra naps, no extra time in the car, etc. Well, last night Amaya went to bed just fine at 8:30 like usual and then at 1am she was AWAKE. I dont mean like awake and crying, just awake. She was playing in her crib. She did this until 3am. She was very content and wasnt crying or cranky, but just awake. I dont know why. She didnt sleep any longer this morning so I am hoping that it was just last night. I am very tired this morning, because I stayed awake last night thinking that any minute she would start crying. This morning I was telling her how rotten she is for doing that last night and she started talking back to me, like YELLING!!! It was really funny. (for all of you that dont know Amaya is 3 1/2 months) Anyway, I just thought I would share our night with you all.


Michelle - August 26

My daughter is 14 months old and does that. She awakes for about an hour, plays and then goes back to sleep. Funny aren't they! Welcome to motherhood!


Amber - August 27

I went through that same thing about 3 days ago (my daughter Breauna is 2 months old) She was up until 5am not crying or cranky I guess she just thought she was gonna miss something important if she slept lol I was very tired but I couldnt help but smile as she stared at me with her little gray eyes and that cute little face with her hair sticking straight up. Shes a rotten one to but she is the best thing in the world to me!


Angelina - August 31

My daughter is 18 months and she sleeps in her crib in my room.Every night when i put her in the crib she all of a sudden wants kisses.So i kiss her until she is satisfied then i lay her down and when i think shes asleep ill go to my bed and go to sleep to wake up to her climbing in bed and kissing me then going to sleep.I wait until she is asleep then i go put her back in the crib and i go back to bed only to wake up the next morning and she has turned the tv on and she is sitting next to me watching cartoons.Ive gotten so used to her doing it that i just put the tv on 43 and turn it off because its easier for her to just turn it on then to have to try to find cartoons by herself.She is the greatest <3.



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