She Loves To Bounce

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piratesmermaid - January 29

But we don't have anything for her (exersaucer or jumperoo, etc) so she straddles our legs and bounces with her legs, sometimes enough to spit up a LOT. But she absolutely loves it. We haven't got her any of the above mentioned yet because of money, and from what I've heard many outgrow the exersaucer around 10 months. Gretchens 6 1/2 months now, would it be worth it? Or any other suggestions to help with this favorite pasttime?


Rhiannon - January 29

Jolly Jumpers are great. They are good until the babies are at walking age. I bought one for $30 (Canadian). Try going onto ebay and looking. They are small so shipping cost would be low.


LisaB - January 29

My ds loved the exersaucer so it was worth every penny he outgrew it by around 10 months have you tried ebay or Goodwill the jumpers are great too and alot cheaper I always feared ds pinching his fingers though.


Steph - January 29

LOL!! That's too funny! Trev will spit up when he gets bouncing to much also! You may want to look on craigslist and see if you can get a used exersarurcer or jumperoo....I"ve seen them on our local CL for $20. Something you may want to look into as opposed to buying new....then you can resell them later!! I bought Trevor's swing new, the Natures Touch Papasan for $120 and resold it for $ it can certainly be worthwhile! :o)


mcatherine - January 29

If you have moulding on your doorways - you can get the ones that hang from WalMart for $15. I know how it is - my son hates the exersaucer, playmat - everything, but he LOVES to bounce!!! I have an extra one that hangs (we have 3) - so if you have moulding or a doorway it can hang in, send me your address and it's yours. m.cthrn(at)


jessne - January 29

We just got the jumperoo from Toys R us. Liitlle pricey, but my ds loves it. Took him a few days to figure it out, but now it's non stop bouncing. We have trim around all the bedroom doors, but I don't think it would hold my ds up while he bounced. So the one we got sits on the floor, almost like a swing but with a jumper in the middle. Hope that makes sense. We have a exersaucer but he seems bored in it.


mcatherine - January 30

P.Mermaid - The offer still stands...let me know. We don't use it. :o) :o) :o)


piratesmermaid - January 30

I just emailed you, I hope you get it, mcatherine. Thank you so much!!


jwhite - January 30

no but I would suggest the jumperoo, Target has it on sale right now for $40, if they still have any in stock. My dd loves hers..


Emmie - January 30

My son never really liked the exersaucer but he is a really tall baby and even at 6 months his legs were bent and could not stand if he wanted to rest in the seat. I do babysit a boy though and he loves it.


Brandi - January 31

They have a new Amazon Jumperoo that looks really cool. It plays music and makes animal sounds. My son still plays in his Jumperoo and is 9 1/2 months.



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