She Rolled Over And I Missed It

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Jamie - November 7

I was cooking dinner, and my husband was watching the baby - so OF COURSE she decided to roll over from tummy to back for the first time. She's been trying to do it for days, and naturally had to do it when I was in another room and couldn't see it. 8-( Oh well...hopefully I'll see it the first time she crawls.


monica - November 7

they say its never a first time until mommy sses it first. :)


jj - November 7

how old is she??


Jamie - November 8

She'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday, or 3 months on Thursday. (Go was born August 10.) I put her on her belly for 45 minutes this morning, and what does the little chickadee do? Well, I'll tell you...she stared at the TV (nothing on it), she stared at her hands, she looked at the print on our bedsheets, she looked at the window...she laid her head down and went back to sleep...but she didn't even ATTEMPT to roll over. I think she just doesn't want me to see her do it. *sob* LOL


Jbear - November 8

My husband saw our 12 week old laugh for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I still haven't seen her do it! It's not fair, especially because he's working 16 hours a day and I'm home all the'd figure I'd get to see all of the "firsts" first.


Jamie - November 8

That's exactly how I feel...I get to see all the fussing and crying and spitting up and dirty diapers, but do I get to be the first one for the FUN stuff??? Well, okay, I was the first to see her smile and the first to see her laugh.


SaraL - November 9

...wanna feel better... my husband and I have no family in the area, so it's a rare occaision when we go out on a 'date' and splurge for a sitter. My daughter WALKED for the first time for the sitter! UGH! We got home and she WALKED across the room to us we were jaws-on-the-floor amazed, and the sitter says "yeah, I noticed she's really getting the hang of walking."


Jamie - November 9

Oooh, man, that'm sorry! She finally did roll over for me last night. Now that she knows she can do it, she doesn't seem to want


monica - November 9

to Jamie same thing happened with my son. He rolled over one day and stopped for a couple of days. Now he is non stop rolling and unfortunatly he is doing it while he is asleep but cant roll back to his back and he hates being on his tummy so he is waking up at night...:(



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