She Rolled Right Off The Bed

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Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 6

Last night Kamries and I were in bed together like we always are. I always lay all the way against the wall and put her beside me. Well, last night she must have rolled all the way across the bed because I woke up to a loud boom!! Automaticaly I knew what had happened I reached for her but she was not there. That had to be one of the scariest times in my life. I got her off the floor and she had a big red mark on her head where she hit the night stand. She cried for a little while and went back to sleep. I called her doc in the middle of the night and he said that she should be ok. As long as she DID cry adn was not vomiting. I feel sooooo bad. Has this ever happened to anyone before?


KrisD - March 6

Oh my goodness - I am so sorry! Try to remember that they are very resilient! But that is horrifying! The only similar thing that happened to me was I fell down the stairs with my baby in my arms when he was about two-and-a-half months. When I finally landed, I hit his head against the banister (oh this sounds awful) and he had a red line on his cheek from it. I would have been more concerned had it been his temple.... He cried for a few seconds... I ran upstairs and put him on my bed where I started crying... He looked at me and started laughing. I felt a lot better. You did the right thing by calling the Dr. How old is Kamries? When my brother was about 6 months, he fell out of the high chair on the tile floor. God, we sound like a horrible family...


MJM - March 6

I am glad that she cried right away. Just keep an eye on her and make sure that she is not more tired then normal. if she seems a little more tired wake her about every hour or so. Just enough for her to open her eyes. She can go back to sleep that is fine, but do wake her. If it continues throughout the day callthe dr again just to be safe. When I was about 20 my ex's son was 5yrs. Him and his sister shared a bunk bed and it was his night to be on top. I told the ex to put up the bar thing so he doesnt roll off because there was a computer desk right next to his bed. He said oh that would never happen. Well it did and he smacked the side of his little right on the desk. It almost hit his eye and temple area but it was just a little bit above. I stayed awake almost all night just to keep an eye on him and wake him every hour or so. It was a gut wrenching feeling that is for sure. If I were you and you sleep with her often I would move the nightstand over more and put some pillows on the ground just incase this happens again. I am sorry that you had to go through this. It is something very horrible that is for sure. But at least you are sleeping on the wall side to make sure she does not fall through that way. I am sure you may get mixed responses about this but dont let it bother you. You did the right thing and got her taken care of right away by calling the dr.


Kelly K - March 6

Oh yeah.. it's happened to a lot of us. My daughter rolled off of me one night when she was 2 weeks old (she would only sleep on me at that point). Thankfully we were asleep on the couch and she only feel a small distance. Then not a week ago she decided to learn how to roll and rolled straight off the couch again. My ped said they bounce so not to worry much.


Lisastar9 - March 6

My first son rolled off the change table he was happens to the best of us.


karen - March 6

Oh yea, Once I left Kodi in the middle of the bed to fix his bottle. All of a sudden I hard a loud tug and it wa shim on the floor. Poor thing cried himself to sleep along with me. Thank God he was fine just a little frighten,. It happens


C - March 6

I'm glad she is okay. Usually when things like this happen it opens are eyes to be more careful. I had fallen asleep once on the couch, without realizing, and all of a sudden I hear a loud bang and my son screaming. I looked and our wooden CD tower was on top of him. It hit him right across the top of his nose between his eyes. I was so lucky he didn't get hurt. I am so much more careful now and when he's crawling around, and I'm really tired, I put him in his playpen. He's not happy about it but at least I know he's safe.


tiffani - March 6

Yep, that's how we discovered our daughter was able to roll over. Somehow she rolled off the couch and did a 180* in the process. Nearly 4 years later, we're still trying to figure that one out. :o)


Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 6

Well I am so glad that I am not the only one this has happened to. I felt like such a bad mommy. I guess tonight she is going to have to learn how to start sleeping in her own bed.


jess - March 6

so glad u said this....i hgad a couch roll off the other day........imwas so traumatized all day and night....he was such a trouper....cried fromsurprise for like 30 seconds, the smiling and laughing again...i watched his behaviour every second 2 make sure he was ok.....he was fine, but i was still to embarrased to tell my dh


karen - March 6

It happens to the best of us. I was comsumed with guilt all day at work, called to check on him every 15 -30 mins. thank God itr is my grandmother who watches him cause someone else would get anoid and tired of me. God has built them so strong and resilient. It gives comfort to know that they also forget quicky.


jess - March 6

oooh yeah...thank god......i know it way worse for me then him.,,,,,,,,,


KrisD - March 7

Okay - fter all this, last night I was pulling my baby out of the walker and trying to put him in the bjorn when I smacked his head on the light fixture that hangs off the ceiling fan. I was scared to death. I didn't even know what part of his head I hit, and he has such a lumpy head that I kept thinking every bump was a goose egg. I was checking his pupils every ten minutes, even put him in the tub to slick back his hair and see where a bump might be. He was fussy, but he is always fussy at night. Us poor Moms, will the worry ever go away?? I am 32 years old and know that my parents still lose sleep over ME! What have I gotten myself into!! :o)



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