She S Gonna Hurt Herself

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EricaG - February 20

Abby turned 7 months yesterday and for the past 2 weeks has been pulling herself up on everything, the couch, the book shelf, the changing table, the curio cabinet, and when she falls she always bangs her head and cries. She's crawling really good too so I can't turn my head for a minute and she's stood up and fallen and hit her head. Plus I know that this is a neccesary step towards walking so I don't want to stop her. I'm just scared she's going to give herself a concussion or sometihng. How does everyone else deal with this?


CyndiG - February 20

Carlie is doing the same thing! She was 7 months on the 14th. It's so cute to see her standing, she's so little!! It's just something they have to do. I'm sure God made their little heads to stand up to the job. LOL! I thought I had my house pretty baby proofed, but I've been spending lot's of time following her and "babyproofing" as I go! I saw in the One Step Ahead catalog a little helmet! At first I laughed, but now I think maybe I should invest in it. LOL!!


KLC - February 20

I just moved EVERYTHING. The coffee table had to go becuase it was near the couch and Aaron was always going down and hitting his head on it. Just note what she seems to have the trouble with and try eliminating it. Don't worry it will get better as she gains better balance :)


jb - February 20

I posted something about this a few days ago. My dd has hit her head so many times that I lost count. We did finally move the coffee table and that helped a lot. I swear that thing was a magnet to her head. I guess like KLC said, it will get better as she gains better balance. Until then, I would make it as baby friendly as possible and just expect that she will bang her head a few times. IT's all part of learning.


jb - February 20

CindyG.....those helmets are absolutely hilarious. I just couldn't do that to my dd!!! To me it is the equivalent to putting a cone around a dogs head after he has been neutered!!! I think I would rather but a bicycle helmet on her...or even a motorcycle helmet!!!! :-) lmao!!!!


Lisastar9 - February 20

Jolly jumper makes a bumper helmet . We bought one for my son cause he used to do the tree timber falland would bang his head 12 or more times a day onto vinal/cerment flooring underneath. It did help to obsorb the fallor bumpps on the head.


cae - February 20

You literally have to move everything that should could push, pull or climb onto. We removed our endt ables, lamps, coffee tables, replace our TV stand and now only have our sofa, loveseat and recliner in our living room. It was a pain not having those things, but remember its just temporary.


dee23 - February 20

yeah we bought one of those head bumpers....i would rather him have some soft protection then loose all those brain cells time after time after time a day. its very soft, and colourfull, and goes around his head then up over it once. so it looks nothing like a helmet. its worth it to protect your babies head, no matter how they 'look'.



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